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As a military member or family on the move, at some point you’ll likely rent a home. Whether short-term or long-term, start with this knowledge base to understand all aspects of renting--including what to look for in a rental, understanding the military clause, deposit requirements in different states, and much more. See even more helpful info about renting on MilitaryByOwner’s blog.


Renting Basics

Renting Basics

SHOULD MILITARY MEMBERS RENT OR OWN A HOME? WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE DECIDING Be prepared with the facts to decide if renting vs buying is the best choice for you. 

UNDERSTANDING SECURITY DEPOSITS IN DIFFERENT STATES Security deposits are not all the same, so be sure to check the differences from state to state. 

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT RENT-TO OWN Is it a good choice for you? There are many variables that go into this decision.  

HOW TO RENT A HOME WITH A BAD CREDIT SCORE Can you take a bad credit score and find a rental home? Learn how, along with ways to repair your credit.

HOW MUCH RENT CAN I AFFORD? A one-size-fits-all strategy doesn't exist, so formulate your best plan taking into account military life specifics, credit scores, and the pros and cons of renting or buying a home. 

BREAKING DOWN THE FINANCES OF RENTING A HOME How much should you allow in your budget for rent? Learn how to factor expenses, your BAH, and more when looking for a place to rent. 


Finding a Rental Home

Finding a Rental Home10 TIPS FOR FINDING A PERFECT RENTAL HOME The research begins when you hear whispers of where your move will take you. These 10 tips will make it easy! 

MILITARY LOOKING FOR A SHORT-TERM RENTAL? WHERE TO BEGIN  Consider different options when a short term rental is needed, whether it is just for one person or the whole family. 

USE THIS CHECKLIST WHEN LOOKING FOR A RENTAL HOME  Stay organized with this easy-to-use checklist to find the right rental property. 

TIPS FOR FINDING A PET-FRIENDLY RENTAL HOME Finding pet-friendly housing can be a challenge. What can military families do to find a rental house when they have pets? 

SHOULD I HAVE A MILITARY CLAUSE IN MY LEASE?  Understand the military clause and the benefit it provides military members, along with the steps needed to abide by it.  

RENTING A HOME OVERSEAS As you prepare for your overseas move, it is also important to realize that there are several factors that make renting in a foreign country a bit different. 


Moving In and Becoming a Tenant

Moving into my rental home

HOW TO BE AN AMAZING TENANT  Landlords and property managers want to be assured they are making the right decision by choosing you. Learn what makes a stellar tenant.

5 REASONS YOU NEED RENTERS INSURANCE Your landlord has insurance; do you need it, too? Find out why you need it and what it covers.  

HOW TO DEAL WITH AN UNRESPONSIVE LANDLORD  Unfortunately, sometimes this happens. Learn what steps you can take if you find yourself in this situation. 

WHAT ARE THE MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITIES FOR LANDLORDS AND TENANTS? Do you know what maintenance and repairs the landlord is responsible for and what the tenant is expected to maintain? Learn how the line fluctuates, and what happens if either party fails to uphold the expectations.



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