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Deployments, military spouse employment, retiring from the military: these are just a few of the issues unique to life as a service member. 

We understand military life and the challenges it can bring. Take a look at some helpful information and support for military families, then check in with our regularly updated blog posts about military life.





DEPLOYMENT SUPPORT FOR YOUR MILITARY FAMILY Information packed resources for servicemembers, spouses, and family members to help you find comfort and convenience while separated.


THINGS MILITARY SPOUSES NEVER SAY DURING DEPLOYMENT  A humorous look at the things military spouses don't say while their spouse is deployed. See what you would add! 

6 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR YOUR SPOUSE'S DEPLOYMENT Being informed is so important before a deployment. Learn about ways to prepare ahead of time for deployment, covering topics such as budgeting and resources you might want to utilize.



Military_Housing_Make_It_Your_OwnLIVING IN MILITARY HOUSING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Affordability, convenience, proximity to your job--there are many things to consider when before you decide to live on base!

UNDERSTANDING YOUR BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing): Understand how much effect BAH has on your housing budget and priorities.

UNDERSTANDING PRIVATIZED MILITARY HOUSING You may have heard that military housing is privatized, but do you really know what the term means? Learn more about how it works and the companies behind military housing. 

THE FUTURE OF MILITARY HOUSING Military housing has come under scrutiny in recent years. Find out what's being done to protect military families and improve conditions. 

MILITARY HOUSING DO'S AND DON'TS Base housing often means close quarters and shared walls. Learn some guidelines to be at your most neighborly!

EASY TIPS FOR DECORATING MILITARY HOUSING Whether you choose to live in military housing or in an off-base rental, creating custom decor without making permanent changes is a rite of passage of military life.

WHICH PETS AREN’T ALLOWED IN MILITARY HOUSING? Animal restrictions for military housing exist to help keep your military family safer while living on base. Learn which pets are usually prohibited and which ones are allowed.

DOG BREED RESTRICTIONS FOR ON-BASE MILITARY HOUSING You probably have questions about whether your family's beloved dog is allowed. Privatized housing companies have created their own policies regarding banned breeds, but they’re also intertwined with official military installation policies among the branches.



Resources_for_Military_KidsA PRE-PCS SCHOOL CHECKLIST Military children move on average six to nine times. When choosing a new school, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Start with this easy checklist!

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THESE RESOURCES FOR MILITARY KIDS? There are more supportive agencies and resource for military kids these days then ever before to help them through PCS moves, deployments, and school changes. 


TIPS TO HELP YOUR MILITARY KIDS THROUGH THE PCS TRANSITION Moving is a part of military life, so it's mostly unavoidable and often challenging. So we’ve gathered the best tips, advice, and resources to help your military kids thrive. 


HELPING MILITARY KIDS GET THROUGH MULTIPLE DEPLOYMENTS Help military children develop strong coping skills when faced with the repeated deployment of a parent. 



Blog_teaser_Off-Season_PCSPCS CHECKLISTS Checklists for the months, weeks, and days leading up to your PCS move. 

HOMEOWNERSHIP AND MILITARY LIFE Pros and cons of buying vs. renting a home and what to do with the property when you PCS in a few years. 

10 TIPS FOR SETTLING IN AFTER A PCS MOVE Learn how to establish connections at your new duty station, explore the area, and settle in after your move.


WILL COHABITING CAN RUIN YOUR MILITARY RELATIONSHIP?  While living together without being married is more common than ever, there's more to consider as a military member.


MORE MILITARY RELOCATION/PCS RESOURCES MilitaryByOwner’s complete library of PCS and relocation resources to help make your move as easy as possible.





military_retirementPLANNING AHEAD FOR MILITARY RETIREMENT When you’re thinking about your final home after military service, what factors should you consider?  

GET FINANCIALLY PREPARED FOR MILITARY RETIREMENT Retiring from the military is one of the biggest transitions you will experience in your life. Start early to strengthen your financial position. 


HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF THE MILITARY’S BLENDED RETIREMENT SYSTEM The military blended retirement system: what it is and how to make the most of it.


START YOUR RETIREMENT BACK-UP PLAN WITH REAL ESTATE  When you say goodbye to your military career and envision life on the other side, what do you see? Real estate presents a tangible way to shore up your future military retirement funds.


THE FINAL PCS: CHOOSING WHERE TO LIVE AFTER MILITARY RETIREMENT Instead of just throwing a dart at a map to find your next home, narrow your decision by considering job opportunities, proximity to family, schools and lifestyle for children, and the cost of living.


STAYING IN OR GETTING OUT OF THE MILITARY Stories from 6 families about how they decided whether to get out of the military or continue service. 





ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR MILITARY SPOUSE EMPLOYMENT Free resources and programs for your military spouse career planning and job search. 

REMOVING BARRIERS TO WORK: UPDATES ON MILITARY SPOUSE LICENSING AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Updates on professional licensing fees and reciprocity among the states as you build your portable career. 


10 MILITARY SPOUSE BLOGS WE THINK YOU’LL LOVE Connect with the military spouse community and get great information from these milspouse bloggers. 


LIVING ON BASE AS A NEW MILITARY SPOUSE If you’re brand new to military life, find out what to expect if you live in military housing. 

YOUNGER & SEASONED MILITARY SPOUSES: WE’RE NOT SO DIFFERENT AFTER ALL As a young spouse, you might think that walking into a room of seasoned spouses can be a little intimidating. Find out how we’re the same and what we can learn from each other!



Military_Travel_TipsGUIDE TO MILITARY FAMILY TRAVEL Know all your travel benefits as a military family? This free resource provides resources about Space-A, military lodging, destinations, and military discounts all over the world.

6 TIPS FOR PLANNING SPACE-A TRAVEL Under the right circumstances, flying Space-A is a great way to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on airfare.


TIPS TO STAY SAFE DURING MILITARY TRAVEL When you’re hitting the road during a PCS move, it can be easy to overlook some of these safety tips!


10 OCONUS MILITARY RESORTS AND RECREATION CENTERS YOU SHOULD TRY We’ve rounded up some of the best OCONUS military resorts and recreation facilities that military families return to over and over again. The locations are phenomenal, and the prices are right, but the secret is definitely out!

3 BIG REASONS TO LOVE MILITARY TRAVEL Learn all the reasons to love exploring new places with your military affiliation, from transportation to accommodations and attractions.

MILITARY DISCOUNTS AND TIPS FOR YOUR TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD OR DISNEYLAND Learn about amazing Disney military discounts, along with expert tips for planning your trip to the House of Mouse, whether you're heading to Disneyland or Disney World!

AIR TRAVEL WITH KIDS: SURVIVAL TIPS FOR PARENTS AND FELLOW PASSENGERS We all know that flying with small children can be stressful, whether you're the parent or another passenger traveling. Try these ideas to help cope!


12 OFF-THE-BEATEN-PATH ADVENTURES NEAR MILITARY BASES Whether it's an outdoor activity or searching for the paranormal, there's fun for the whole family near these military bases across the U.S.


4 REASONS TO USE FAMCAMPS AND MILITARY LODGING Have you ever made use of military campgrounds or lodging? They not only save you money, but can be a lot of fun for your whole family!

PREPARING TO TRAVEL, MILITARY STYLE! It's not approved leave unless something goes awry! Learn from these mishaps to keep your home safe and have the most fun while traveling.




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Whether you're an experienced traveler or just starting out, you may not be aware of all the travel benefits related to your military service. 


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