Company History

Our Beginning

MilitaryByOwner was the result of a conversation Dave and his father had in 1999 about the difficulties of building equity in a home during a normal military tour and the disadvantages of owning a home for a short period of time.  His father asked if the military had a program to link up service members selling or searching for a home, which sparked an idea. Dave and Sharon found many “for sale by owner” websites and Realtor websites.  What they didn't find was a website that combined the two homeselling choices with the focus needed to support military families.



MilitaryByOwner provides a comprehensive low cost means for military members and their families to advertise their homes for sale or rent. The service encompasses all locations where military members may be stationed nationwide along with Guam and Puerto Rico. MilitaryByOwner advertises online, across social media, and in military periodicals to attract military personnel and the general public to this site to ensure success.



Our vision for MilitaryByOwner is to be the first place a military service member goes to advertise their home online.  By leveraging the powerful existing network of veterans, military members, their families, and the communities that support them, MilitaryByOwner links up buyers and sellers of homes along with landlords and prospective tenants--all while providing outstanding customer support.