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Whether you’re staging your home to help it sell more quickly or simply want to make your home look and function the best it can, start with these expert home decorating and maintenance tips.

With home maintenance reminders for every season and ideas to add your personal style to your home, whether it’s military housing, a rental, or your own home, you’re sure to find some inspiration here. Then follow along with MilitaryByOwner’s regularly updated home maintenance and decorating blog posts for more ideas!



Home Decorating Tips

decorating_tipsHOME DECORATING TIPS FOR EVERY ROOM Don’t be overwhelmed by the task of decorating and styling your home! Use these tips to prioritize both style and function. 

WARM WEATHER OUTDOOR ESSENTIALS Ready for outdoor barbecues and get-togethers? Freshen up your outdoor space with style.


3 BIG IDEAS TO DECORATE THOSE LARGE BLANK WALLS Learn how to make the most of an expansive space with these pro decorating tips. 


Decorating Tips By Room:



Decorating a Rental or Military Housing

Copy_of_Tips_for_Decorating_Military_HousingMILITARY HOUSING: MAKE IT YOUR OWN Tips and tricks for decorating military housing and giving it your personal touch.  

DECORATING YOUR RENTAL WITHOUT LOSING YOUR DEPOSIT You can bring your decorating flair to a rental without making permanent changes. 


DECORATING AROUND THE WHITE WALLS OF YOUR RENTAL OR MILITARY HOUSING When you rent an apartment or a house, you’re often faced with white walls. How can you make where you’re living feel like home if you can’t paint? 


8 DECORATING TRICKS FOR AWKWARD SPACES Sometimes, older homes, rentals, and base housing can have a strange layout. Make the most of the space you have. 


Home Styles

Home_stylesBEGINNER'S GUIDE TO HOME STYLE AND ARCHITECTURE Traditional, Craftsman, Modern--what’s the difference? Learn about residential styles and what might suit your family’s taste best. 

WHAT’S YOUR HOME STYLE? Find your preferred home style and make it your own, taking into consideration whether you’re renting, buying, or living on base.

VINTAGE OR JUST OUTDATED? MAKE YOUR OLDER HOME’S FEATURES WORK FOR YOU! Whether your home is vintage or just old, find out how to highlight its best features. 


ONE STORY OR TWO: WHICH HOME STYLE DO YOU LOVE? From everyday chores to safety issues, think through whether one level or two would work best for your family’s situation. 


WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY A HISTORIC HOME The allure of a grand, historic home might be hard to resist. Find out why you may or may not want to invest in a historic home. 


Home Maintenance

fall_home_maintenance_(1)HOME ORGANIZATION: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE Could your home organizing skills use a brush-up? Start here!

YEAR ROUND MAINTENANCE Keep up with home maintenance chores all year long with this checklist. 

SPRING HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST Spring brings with it unpredictable weather. Use this checklist now to avoid problems later.

SUMMER HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST Summer is the perfect time to pay attention to inside and outside household chores. 

FALL HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST Fall maintenance is important because it’s the foundation for securing your home against rain, snow, and dipping temperatures.

WINTER HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST Time to prepare and get your home winter ready.