Summer Home Maintenance Checklist


Summer is here, and life should be simple if you’ve tended to the house chores year-round. If some of the spring tasks got left behind, include them on the shorter list of summer maintenance.  

There’s a good chance a PCS will occur for military families and potentially, a home sale. If so, home staging will be in order to make the most from your decision to sell. 


It’s easy to embrace the summer time get-togethers if the kitchen is set up for easy meal prep. 

  • Not all homes have enough sun for herb gardens. Small pots of useful ingredients like basil and oregano do just fine on kitchen window sills. 
  • Fresh produce takes up a lot of space in the refrigerator. A quick purge and shelf adjustments accommodate large items like melons. Check the humidity levels on produce drawers for optimum freshness.
  • To avoid heating the kitchen from the oven during the dog days of summer, clean the interior walls and plate of the microwave. Upgrade to a more energy efficient model for simple summer meals. 


There isn’t a season that a bathroom gets more use. Continue regular upkeep. 

  • Inspect tile and grout for crumbling and dislocation.
  • Humidity and moisture pose unsightly mold and mildew problems, especially in the summer. Service or repair fans in the bathroom to prevent damage from wetness.
  • Prepare a space to hang wet bathing suits and towels to air dry.
  • Unpack beach towels from storage for pool or beach use to save everyday bath linens from destruction. 
  • The first aid kit should include sunscreen and bug repellent for hours spent outside.

Living Room

Relaxing in the cool air of the common areas of the house is probably where you’ll end up most summer days, so maximize the lower temps. 

  • Portable fans have their place in heavily trafficked rooms. Clean the grime and place strategically to get the most from your air conditioning dollars spent.
  • Depending on the sun’s intensity through the windows, open and close coverings during the day as the sun moves to keep the room cool. 


Summer’s low-key routine is the perfect time for bedroom organization.

  • Put away and repair any winter wear.  
  • Take note of clothes that were unused or too small and donate. 
  • Inventory needs for back to school or a wardrobe suited for cooler weather. 

Basement or Utility Room

Not only do these areas house the guts of the home, they provide shelter from summer storms.

  • Purchase or make your own storm preparedness kit with plenty of water for the entire family. 
  • Replace air filters and have air ducts professionally cleaned.
  • In humid areas, utilize a dehumidifier to keep damp spaces free of mold and mildew.

General Interior

Routine maintenance inside the house keeps the summertime chores to a minimum. 

  • Reverse the direction of ceiling fans if switched in the winter to circulate cool air efficiently.
  • Test for radon, because the cooling system is running constantly. Testing is recommended every 6 months. 
  • Summer sun shows hard to see dirt like hidden cobwebs in high corners. 
  • The abundance of natural light also reveals stains on furniture. Call in the professionals for best results. 

General Exterior

Most of the necessary outside summer chores relate to the property and the structure of the house. 

  • Mosquito control allows for more time spent outside. 
  • Verify outside window seals are intact. Repair with silicon caulking proven for weather resistance. 
  • Have well water tested for contaminants. 
  • Inspect siding and trim for damage or deterioration. Repair, replace, or refinish.
  • Pressure wash exterior siding to remove mold or algae.
  • Repair driveway, sidewalks, or stairs as needed.
  • Grab an assortment of brushes and put fresh coats of weather resistant paint on all surfaces: fences, decks, and trim.
  • Concrete paint is a great way to refresh stained and weathered porches and walkways.
  • It’s necessary to keep an eye out for wear and tear on any backyard play equipment.
  • Termites cause an expensive and expansive amount of damage. Watch for signs of infestation. 
  • Read owner’s manuals for the best way to clean and maintain the cooking surfaces for both gas and charcoal grills.

Home Staging

Deep spring cleaning should have covered the majority of the difficult staging housework, so be sure to keep up with the clean state of affairs. Additionally:

  • Purge all clutter. Summer is synonymous with yard sales. 
  • Pack away and store the majority of personal effects to ensure buyers can "see" themselves in your home.
  • Neutralize any wall paint that will turn off buyers.
  • Update accessories like couch pillows for a luxurious effect.  
  • Consider hiring a professional home stager to maximize financial returns. 

If selling the house isn’t in your plan for the summer, take a breather from intense home maintenance. A steady pace of upkeep over the warm months will leave weekends free for travel and lounging. 

By Dawn M. Smith