We have been using MBO since 2006 and have ALWAYS had immediate responses and have been extremely happy and grateful for MBO. We have been overseas and have had virtually no issues with this service. We have been back stateside and continue to use it because there is nothing better! Truly fantastic! Thanks MBO!

Scoop and Dianna
Alexandria, VA

We have been placing our home rental on MBO since 2010 with fantastic responses, sometimes within 24 hours! The website reaches many people and made renting this property on our own possible. Thank You MBO

James Herrin
Dayton, OH

We have rented our house thanks to Military By Owner.

Deborah Kunz
Middletown, RI

This was our first time using your website and boy were we impressed. Our house rented in less than a week and we are leaving the area on 2 June knowing we have a nice military family in it for the next 3 years! Would not hesitate to use it again - thank you thank you!!

Randy & Donna Schiefer
Centerville, OH

On behalf of my family, and the veterans residing in great Silverstate. We commend you for the service you've done to all who served! Thank you sir/mam. William, USN(ret.)

William Norva

I want to Thank You for all you do. All my neighbors who have house not rented want to know how I do it and keep my properties rented. So I tell them its no secret. Thank you again. I love your service and refer your business all the time.

Herb Townsend
Yuma, AZ

Once again, Thank you for the service and resources you provide. My home at Lejeune is now occupied by a happy family, which makes me a very happy landlord. Although I am not a first time landlord, I appreciate the resources and information you provided in 8 LESSONS FOR A FIRST TIME LANDLORD. I highly recommend mysmartmove.com to all prospective landlords. It matters.

Hampstead, NC

My only GO TO for renting my property. Great resource!

San Antonio area

Thanks so much for helping with our listing. Our house rented quickly even though the hit count was low in this PCS off-season. However, it only takes one interested renter to seal the deal. I would like to provide a testimonial since we have exclusively used Military By Owner to advertise our house and have rented successfully every single time. The longest the house was empty was 3 months.

Laurel, MD

Love MBO.com. We've used it twice with our house in Texas. What I love about the service is that my house info and ad were/are available when needed. Don't have to re-write everything!

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