Very useful site! Used time and time again!

Brittani F

 "I have been a happy and satisfied customer of MilitaryByOwner for over 10 years and the customer service and quality tenants I have had couldn't be better. "

Sanders Moody

I am a customer for life- its the only place I advertise now because my tenants always end up coming from here or from a Realtor. This site i my best chance of finding someone

Middletown, RI

 I love you guys!

Kelly Kreis

 We've been using Militarybyowner.com for years to keep renters in our property in Florida.


 We love Military By Owner! We've been using you for over 6 years, both to rent and to place our homes for rent.  Thank you! Alba


We use you everytime we move!  Thankyou! 


 My house got 54 looks with in less than a week and got new contract with in a week...thank you and this will be my number one sight to go to when I place an add for my rental properties.

Virginia Beach, VA

We advertised on other sites and had no activity for months. I put my house in militarybyowner.com and that first weekend I had 6 families see my home, and I sold it that weekend!


We always use your site to rent our house near PAX River. We know lots of realtors who use your site as well. It's awesome!


Just wanted to say how awesome MBO website is to use. I have used it several times to lease my house and always get a ton of interest and usually lease it in a week. The website is easy to use to upload pics and create an ad and it saves my info so the next time I need to lease I just update my ad. SO awesome, thank you!

Lakewood, WA

Thank you for the site. We had more interest on Military By Owner than on any other site. We will definitely use your site again.

Norfolk, VA

I am very pleased with the results of the responses that came from your posting of the rental property. I look forward to future listings with you.

Mechanicsburg, PA

We always use your site to rent our house near PAX River. We know lots of realtors who use your site as well. It's awesome!


thanks and wanted to let you know your site has been a huge help. We listed and within 3 weeks, had a contract!! Moving out and closing on 15Apr. Great support from MilitaryByOwner and have and will continue to recommend to all my military colleagues!! Hopefully we'll never have to use a realtor again :)

Rick Leech
Sumpter, SC

Fantastic service, because of the exposure on your site I had a new tenant within days... no gap in tenants.

Hampton Roads area

Great website. I used your company 18 months ago and had 13 families contact me within 24 hrs. Great fit for my family, our renters and the neighborhood.


Once again we have rented our property in Newport RI fast and efficiently thru your site. What a great service you provide. Several realtors in the area have called to see if they could rent our place. I proudly say it has already been rented thru MilitaryByOwner Thank you!

Newport, Rhode Island

My life as a landlord is immeasurably easier, with far less long term hassle, because I use MilitarybyOwner. My experience renting to both civilian and military families has shown me that military tenants are far more reliable, responsible, and dependable than the general public.

Falls Church, VA

Easy to use, rented within a week of posting! Awesome way to rent your home.

San Diego, CA

We are grateful and appreciative that Military By Owner exists

Steven Fuzzell

Thank you MilitaryByOwner you did it again!

Prattville, AL

We rented our house 3 times using MBO and each time in less than 24 hours and we've had the best renters


Searching for Apartments in our price range on the open Internet left us disgruntled and frustrated. We tried MilitaryByOwner and found an apartment in a price point and location that we wanted; veteran to veteran. The search parameters made it easy to find exactly what we needed.


We spent 3 weeks looking for housing in North Carolina, near Fort Bragg. We were looking for a pet-friendly home near good schools with no success. A friend told us about MilitaryByOwner and within 2 days, we had the perfect rental. Thank you MBO!


We used your site to rent our home outside of Picatinny Arsenal – super helpful!


Every time I use your site, I have 100% success. We have homes in Florida and Virginia and MBO is the only advertising site we use.


I’ve used the site for years with great success every time.


You guys are wonderful! You do a fantastic job! Any time I need any help, I call the office and you do a fantastic job of helping me - I mean it!


I've been using your site for years; once in the past I tried other advertising sites along with MilitaryByOwner, but all my hits still came from MBO. Now when I advertise, yours is the only site I use.


We have been using MBO since 2006 and have ALWAYS had immediate responses and have been extremely happy and grateful for MBO. We have been overseas and have had virtually no issues with this service. We have been back stateside and continue to use it because there is nothing better! Truly fantastic! Thanks MBO!

Scoop and Dianna
Alexandria, VA

We have been placing our home rental on MBO since 2010 with fantastic responses, sometimes within 24 hours! The website reaches many people and made renting this property on our own possible. Thank You MBO

James Herrin
Dayton, OH

We have rented our house thanks to Military By Owner.

Deborah Kunz
Middletown, RI

This was our first time using your website and boy were we impressed. Our house rented in less than a week and we are leaving the area on 2 June knowing we have a nice military family in it for the next 3 years! Would not hesitate to use it again - thank you thank you!!

Randy & Donna Schiefer
Centerville, OH

On behalf of my family, and the veterans residing in great Silverstate. We commend you for the service you've done to all who served! Thank you sir/mam. William, USN(ret.)

William Norva

I want to Thank You for all you do. All my neighbors who have house not rented want to know how I do it and keep my properties rented. So I tell them its no secret. Thank you again. I love your service and refer your business all the time.

Herb Townsend
Yuma, AZ

Once again, Thank you for the service and resources you provide. My home at Lejeune is now occupied by a happy family, which makes me a very happy landlord. Although I am not a first time landlord, I appreciate the resources and information you provided in 8 LESSONS FOR A FIRST TIME LANDLORD. I highly recommend mysmartmove.com to all prospective landlords. It matters.

Hampstead, NC

My only GO TO for renting my property. Great resource!

San Antonio area

Thanks so much for helping with our listing. Our house rented quickly even though the hit count was low in this PCS off-season. However, it only takes one interested renter to seal the deal. I would like to provide a testimonial since we have exclusively used Military By Owner to advertise our house and have rented successfully every single time. The longest the house was empty was 3 months.

Laurel, MD

Love MBO.com. We've used it twice with our house in Texas. What I love about the service is that my house info and ad were/are available when needed. Don't have to re-write everything!


Time and time again I've leveraged militarybyowner.com to both find rentals and rent our homes. Super website and organization


An excellent resource for any military family moving to a new area. We found a ton of homes to choose from and rented a house 8 days later. This was the only site I used. Thanks!


My wife and I will definitely be using militarybyowner.com again. It's a great website!


The response to our advertised house was at times more than we could juggle. Instead of just getting one renter we were choosing from three within two months of advertising. By 3 months advertising we had 1000 hits and 9 emails. Really a great and novel website.

Papillion, NE

I'm a former Honorably Discharged Army Veteran, who just bought my first home using my VA Home loan. My wife owned a home, when we first met, and we decided to try to rent it on our own. We tried Craig's List, I ran advertisements in the local paper spending over $199, and even hired a management company. My wife's co-workers, who have had success with www.militarybyowner.com and are Military Veterans, shared your company's website. I decided to create a profile. It was easy! It made us more confident, and I had no trouble deciding to use the $79 option. I received qualified emails, and phone calls from local families in the military, who were serious about renting. The shared experience of the military, made me feel even more secure with my prospective tenants. I showed the home twice on the SAME weekend, I posted it, and we now have a signed lease! I will continue to recommend www.militarybyowner.com I'm Marketing Manager of 13 local self storage facilities in Hampton Roads. www.americanclassicstorage.com I'm going to be sharing your webpage with all my managers, and customers.


MilitaryByOwner.com did it again! Having used the site to successfully rent four different properties, we used it again to advertise our first home For Sale and within 2 weeks we had an offer to buy our home site-unseen. The photos and virtual tour we included in our Home Tour Plus ad were what sold the home. We had over 650 views and 15 showings in two weeks! In a slower market with numerous homes offered in our neighborhood, we could not be more pleased with the results of advertising with MilitaryByOwner. We secured our state-specific legal forms from your site and once they were signed and submitted to our closing agent, we were off and running. It could not have been easier! Thank you for creating a military network which simplifies the buying, selling and renting of military housing.


Just a quick note to say thanks and to express my utmost appreciation for your site/program. Simply outstanding! I used the basic package to advertise a rental property (no pics) as a trial... received multiple inquiries...two days later, I had a lease agreement. Wow. MBO gets top results...the absolute best!!


We were sad to not be able to return to Fort Drum after a short tour, but militarybyowner helped us sell our house in Watertown. We loved the area so much. It is a great duty station. If you like to hunt, fish, ski, enjoy traveling and the outdoors. It is the place for you.


GREAT website! Very effective! Awesome results! Bargain Priced! Part of our tenant screening process is using MBO exclusively as that's where the pre-planning tenants go to shop for housing and pre-planning tenants are RESPONSIBLE tenants. We just read your article on building a strong landlord/tenant relationship; WOW! We've done all of that stuff on our own instincts right down to the gift basket! One other thing we do that pays BIG dividends is to provide our prospective tenants with a reference list of former tenants along with their E-mail addresses; that provides additional peace of mind to would-be incoming tenants.

Bob and Pam

MILITARYBYOWNER ROCKS! We have used your service for three different homes we rent out, and we've yet to have a vacancy! Great access to people like us (military) looking for places to live or with places to rent. Thank You!


I always look here first when ever we receive orders to a new location... I LOVE THIS SITE!!


Once again...Militarybyowner has taken the scary transaction of renting our home to an easy process!


WOW! That's about all I can say about your business. Put my house on here for two weeks, in a tough rental market, and my house is about to get rented. I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone in the military. THANK YOU!


We have rented out our home that was listed on your site! The sign was put in the yard on Sunday and we got it rented today (Tuesday)!


I rented my house 3 different times.


I used successfully 5 times to buy and rent. Extremely easy to use. Never a bad experience.


I used site to find my home in the MacDill area.


You guys are great! We found our last 4 houses through you.


I used Militarybyowner twice and rented my property in hours.


We found our renter via militarybyowner.com web and was rented fast. I listed my home in the end of August, and I had over 470 hits and many of them visited the house and now it is rented. Militarybyowner is so easy to use and user friendly...simplicity is the way to go and thank you so much for the rational approach to doing business...

Virginia Beach, VA

I wanted to express my continued thanks to you and your staff for this great service provided to veterans like myself who desire to give back to our military personnel serving our country. I have used your service now for many years to assist us in marketing our rental to military personnel that will have tours of duty in the pensacola area. Again my wife and I are grateful for your marketing service afforded to us.

Gulf Breeze, FL

I placed a couple of ads last year and was amazed how quickly I got responses. This site is useful for both renter and potential tenant. I rented my home to someone in Germany who was pleased he could see a home from so far away. I will definitely use this site for all of my vacancies.

Norfolk, VA

I have used your site two times and each time have had great success renting out my home. Thank you so much!

Virginia Beach, VA

I was very impressed with the legitimate response from your site will use again thanks

St. Mary's, GA

I have used Military by Owner twice in 4 years, each time my house rents before the signs show up to put in the yard. The Home Plus Package is essential for the renter(s) to see more pictures of your home. It is the best tool for out of state military. Thanks, Military by Owner! I will be seeing you again in 3 years.

Arlington, TN

Posting our single family home on MilitaryByOwner.com for 10 days generated: 47 hits, 7 serious inquiries, 4 In person showings and a signed lease on day 10 for 4 years!!!!

Fairfax, VA

Loved using MilitaryByOwner.com! We were moving from overseas-the website was so user friendly. It was so easy to sort then pick our home from so far away. It was easy to see the pictures and vision our stuff in that home. I have suggested the site many times and would use it over and over again.


I rented my house within 30 minutes of my ad going live! Thanks!

West Point, MS

Within 2 hours of putting my ad up (and it didn't even have all the pictures posted) - I had my first solid lead. Within 2 days, I had three good candidates. I have now found a renter and today received the security deposit. This all happened before my signs arrived.

Woodbridge, VA

I must tell you how happy I am that I used your site. I rented our home for the prime rent. The site really works.

Chula Vista, CA

This is the first time I have used Militarybyowner.com and I am astounded at the contacts. I could have leased my townhome 10 times over. You have a wonderful business.

Springfield, VA

Our first renters came all the way from France and stayed for 3 years (NATO), the second family were American and stayed for 1.5 years, and the family moving in now month are also American and will stay for 2 years. We sure have been lucky! Thanks - I would receommend this site to anyone who has a house to rent in a military town.

Norfolk, VA

I had a great experience with MilitaryByOwner.com My realtor told me that I would be able to use this site to rent out my home. I rented my home within 3 days, what a great site!


Great experience! Good response from the website, sold our home in 2 weeks!

Alexandria, VA

We sold our house in 2 weeks on MilitaryByOwner.com!

Havelock, NC

Thanks for a terrific service for military families. We continue to recommend MilitaryByOwner to friends in every military community we move to.


Military by Owner was a great way to advertise my condo in Arlington VA. Highly effective and helps Veterans

Alexandria, VA

We have used Military By Owner to rent houses in the Randolph AFB area and they have rented in less than a week. In addition, we have always rented to military families- both Active Duty and Retired and they have taken fantastic care of our homes. This site is a blessing to military families!

Fort Lewis, WA

I used MilitaryByOwner to rent my rental property and received fantastic results. I posted the ad and received three emails requesting information the next day! I rented my place to a military family which has lived there for four years. I will only use MilitaryByOwner from now on.


You helped us rent our home in Washington, and quickly too! You are the reason we receive a rent check.

Fort Lewis, WA

We have used MilitaryByOwner.com for the past five years and have always rented our house within two weeks. We will go no where else but here.

Fort Leavenworth, KS

Thank you MBO! First contact made within 24 hours of posting home as available and signed a lease a few days later to the same couple. Fast and effective!!

Montgomery, AL

Thank you. Your website is user friendly and easy to navigate. I heard from a friend to advertise our rental property through military by owner. We had several inquiries asking more information about the house within a week. Way above our expectations our house rented within two weeks of posting it on military by owner. Greatly appreciate your support.

Dixon, MO

We really appreciate it that our house is rented in about 40 days. It is not as easy as we expected, but for a house this size to be rented to a military family, we are really happy. We are US government employee currently overseas, and we will use your service again when our current lease runs out.

Woodbridge, VA

Just wanted to say thanks, after I posted my house for Rent the response was outstanding. Less than 3 days had numerous renters to choose from. Thanks!

Jacksonville, FL

used to try selling home in AL and used to find current home in VA


This site always works great! I refer people to it all the time...


Love you guys!

Alexandria, VA

We love your site! It is our first look everytime we move no matter where we are going!

Ft. Meade, MD

We sold home through MBO in record time in a tough market at Ft. Hood.

Ft. Hood, TX

MilitaryByOwner is the best way to go to get your property sold or rented. In less than 45 days, our home received over 600 hits from service members and government employees looking to rent or buy. I have recommended this site to everyone that I know of that are looking to get exposure to their home. If you meet the requirements to advertise on this site, you should not waste your time researching other sites to advertise. If you have extra money to just spend due to it taking up so much room in your pockets or your bank account then get a realtor. Setting up your account, posting photos is truly user friendly.

Fortson, GA

We sold our house through militarybyowner.com Thank you for the design of the electronic site. It provides the information and pictures that make a house sale possible.

Waynesville, MO

We used MBO when we PSC'd last time and sold in 16 days. We will use it again when we move this year.

Cabot, AR

Thanks to militarybyowner.com we had several good prospects look at our house and one turned into a buyer. Our house was only on the market for 3 weeks and I credit this site with getting the info on our house out to the public and ultimately allowing us to make the sale. Best package I have ever seen.

Yorktown, VA

I say this every time but wanted tell you guys once again. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Have used you since you first started and rented the house every time. Customer service is awesome and always very fast. I don't recommend many things but I sure recommend you guys to all my friends when they need to rent or are looking for a house to rent them selves. $$$$ well spent by me every time.

Montclair, VA

We just rented to our third set of tenants, in 7 years, thru MBO. This site has been amazing. If we didn't have this, might have lost our house instead of being able to keep it and weather the current down market~ Thanks!

Mount Airy, MD

 You did it again! My home in NC has a new family. Thank you for providing a way to let military families know there are military friendly landlords who welcome and care about them. God Bless the Military Family! 

Hampstead, NC

 Thank you AGAIN MBO for helping me find great tenants quickly! Love it!!!! 

Stafford, VA

We sold our home in 8 days, in a depressed market for more than our asking price to a MBO buyer. We advertised on other FSBO sites and had zero hits from them. Conversely, we had 299 hits on MBO, several families in our home, several scheduled and ultimately sold our home to a MBO buyer. UR my hero!

Burke, VA

When our family lived in Virginia (Spotsylvania), I found our home to rent on your website.


We used MBO to find homes in the Greater DC and Ft. Hood areas. It's a great resource!


We had a great experience with MBO.com for our PCS to Ft. Belvoir, VA So we used it again moving to Ft. Hood


Very easy website to navigate. Found a great home in a great neighborhood. Would definitely use again.


I have listed my house for rent on your site 3 times and all 3 times it has rented within 72 hours. Now my Realtor just listed on the website for sale.


We have been using MBO.com for four years. We recommend this servie to any military member, active duty or retiring to look for a home to rent or buy. It is easy and convienent to list a house and also look for rentals/purchase.


While stationed in Germany I heard about MilitaryByOwner and checked it out on the web. Found a house to rent by Ft. Belvoir, VA. It made it alot more easier while overseas.


An excellent resource for any military family moving to a new area. We found a ton of homes to choose from and rented with a house in 8 days. This was the only site I used. Thanks!


My wife and I will definitely be using militarybyowner.com again. It's a great website!

Arlington, VA

Thank you for you valuable service I will continue to use your service in the future.

Fairfax, VA

Yes, we did sell our house due to a lead from MilitaryByOwner. We have been meaning to write to let you know that we are thrilled with MBO We sold our house in a matter of weeks!!!

Hope Mills, NC

We had a great experience with militarybyowner.com. This site is by far the best for military families. We have successfully rented our home in record time (and time for homecoming, new baby and PCS)!

Jason & Melissa
Jacksonville, FL

Used MBO and received a lot of interest in our home. House was rented to an Army family PCS'ng to Shaw AFB easily w/in the time period we were looking for. I will definetely use MBO again in the future.

Lugoff, SC

We were concerned about getting our home rented in time to get our family moved to our new duty station and most importantly our children enrolled in their new school as soon as possible. We advertised our home on Military By Owner and families were viewing our house the next day. By the third day we had a contract for our asking price. Military By Owner made our transition stress free and allowed us to focus on the many other parts of a military move.

Camp Pendleton, CA

Again a great site! You guys have done me good!!!

Fredericksburg, VA

THANK YOU for your excellent service. We had wonderful results with both emails and replies by telephone from all over the USA and overseas. This is an ideal place to find a home to buy or rent; I will definitely refer Militarybyowner.com to those I know who need to buy, sell or rent housing.

Lela Ann
Oceana NAS

This website is fantastic. We found a house through this you guys, and we were also able to find renters for a house that we own. Well worth the money!

El Paso, TX

Thank you so much for providing this wonderful site. We were able to find a wonderful family to rent our home within days of posting the ad. We could not be more pleased with the service!

Chantilly, VA

Less than 24 hours after posting my house for rent, it is leased to a wonderful fellow military couple. I was skeptical to pay for an advertisement, but after several weeks of posting on a free website without finding any quality applicants, I took a chance. I have gotten many phone calls and have had to tell everyone that the first people who came to look the day after I posted the advertisement rented it. I never even got a chance to post photos! Thank you, and I will definitely be using your website again.

Newport, NC

Thank you for an exceptional program that resulted in 15 responses. The vast majority appeared qualified but we had only one property available. No other advertising came close in the number of responses.

Silver Spring, MD

Militarybyowner.com is the BEST!!! We found wonderful Tenants for our home in LESS than 12 HOURS after posting it on your site! Very comforting to know that our home will be well cared for over the next 2 years. We will be using your services again in 2013! :-) Thanks

Julie and Jeff
San Antonio, TX

I am extrememly impressed with the response time and how understanding and accommodating Militarybyowner is! You do not see customer service like this everyday! I really appreciate it! Amy (Utah)


Rented our property within 3 days after listing with militarybyowner.com. Extremely satisfied with all aspects of the site. I know we will use this service in the future!

Belleville, IL

Thank you I had great success with your service. Unit is rented please stop the Ad.

Eagle River, AK

Loved the service (again), and this is the first place we go when we are moving, or looking to rent out our house.

Corpus Christi, TX

Thanks!! I used this site and the base housing office only. You guys were very helpful and the house is now rented. I will pass on this site to everyone I know.

Beavercreek, OH

Militarybyowner.com was a great resource for selling our home! In less than two months, we had over 1000 hits on the website and a sales contract in hand. The whole process could not have been easier. Hopefully this site continues to thrive as a great resource for transitioning military families. Thanks for the support!

Corpus Christi, TX

Response to my ad was very good. I had a showing scheduled within an hour of posting my ad. I also had the first applicant change his mind after I had worked with him for two weeks and had changed the property status to "lease pending". Within 30 minutes of changing the status back to "for rent" I had a phone call from a couple who wanted to come see the house in the midst of a tropical storm. They came and within 36 hours, we had the lease signed.  I have already recommended your site to many people, both those looking for a home and those needing to sell/rent.

Chesapeake, VA

This was a first time experience for me but I received a lot of responses and ultimately a renter for my house. As such, I will spread the word about MilitaryByOwner to all my friends and family that may be looking to sale or rent in the future. Thanks for your services.

Hope Mills, NC

I was very pleased the house was rented 2 days after I listed and the calls came fast and furious. I've already given your site out to several friends who were trying to rent their homes in different parts of the country.

West Springfield, VA

Militarybyowner provided an essential service in helping us sell our home in a timely manner for PCS. We actually ended up closing the sale on the exact available date we listed to some local folks who saw the sign in our yard first, and were able to then query the website and figure out that they would look further. Before the sale, our MBO add generated inquiries from across CONUS and OCONUS, which gave me the confidence to press on with the FSBO track. That saved us a lot of money. Whether we're buying, selling, or renting, we'll be looking first to Militarybyowner during our next PCS.

Alexandria, VA
To all military families and Realtors who are working with military families, USE THIS SITE!! It increases the chances of selling your home to another military family. Military families have special needs and its always easier if you have someone else who understands the difficulties involved in moving a militar
San Diego, CA

I was very pleased with the response I got from MilitaryByOwner.com. I received several good inquiries. Your process was painless and productive. Thanks for all your help. Best wishes!

Virginia Beach, VA

I think your system is user friendly especially for a non computer guy like myself. Prior to me signing up for your services, I heard great things about it and how effective it works. I CONCUR!!!!!!!! Thanks a million, I now have a great new tenant!

Oceanside, CA

Thanks for your services - I've got nothing but positive feedback. We had more responses than from any other service we used. All the inquiries and visits were sincere. Your website provided a great deal of flexibility to make changes, show pictures, and communicate with prospective clients. When I need to rent, buy, or sell again I will definitely use your services again

Woodbridge, VA

I am so glad I heard about your site. It took only 5 days from the time I listed until my property was leased. I definetly recommend this site to anyone looking to rent near a U.S. Military Base. Thank You.

North Las Vegas, NV

Great response, and rented the house in about a weeks time.  I have already recommended your website to others.  Thanks and I’ll remember you again when we need one of our homes rented again.

Joe & Terri
Yorktown, VA

Military by Owner was a great asset when selling the home by oursleves. Living in an area with a military base near by and having it posted on a web address used by military families significantly contributed to the traffic we received through our advertising. Our buyers were also "by owner" people, but had gone to your web site, after seeing our signs posted, and down loaded all our house info. I recommended your site to several of my neighbors and gave them one of your flyers. Please feel free to use us as a reference if need be. Thanks again

John and Carrie
New Bern, NC

I was extremely pleased with the results I received from my listing on militarybyowner.com. I had my house listed thru a real estate agent for rent, with only mediocre results, most applicants would not have passed the credit check. The day after listing with militarybyowner.com, I atarted receiving 2-4 calls a day from quality renters. All the calls were from great families, that were very curteous and professional. I will definately continue to use militarybyowner.com in the future.

Alexandria, VA

The fastest ever! We leased our house 45 minutes after the listing became active. Thanks MBO

San Antonio, TX

I cannot tell you how much of a help this site has been! Sleepless nights are over with knowing that we have a good family who has moved in! Not only did we rent a house at our present location from this site, but after MANY months of trying to sell our house in PA, rented within 10 days of posting it! To be honest, we had four people very interested with in 48 hours of posting and after two weeks, had over 200 hits! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We will, when the time comes, look on this site first when we are ready to purchase a home again!

Warminster, PA

Howdy... This was a very good experience. The adds are set up well and allow for propective renters/buyers to get a good feel for the homes. I appreciated the easy ability to edit the add as often as I needed. I have recommended this method of renting to a friend already. Thanks again

Lieutenant Colonel L
O'Fallon, IL

I have the greatest regard for your service.I posted my house for rent in Las Vegas, NV in early May this year; got an e-mail the next morning from my now tenant. Over the next 3 weeks until they got out to view the house I had another eight serious inquiries and I felt so horrible about having to telephone the other families back telling them the house had gotten rented from my first contact. My next door neighbors here in Brooklyn, NY have a sister living in Las Vegas with a good friend out there that wanted to put her house on the rental market there last week. They got all the info from me and gave her the info to hook up with your site last week. I had raved so much about your service, that they remembered what I told them,that they recommended you immediately. I think your service is fantastic. I will continue to recommend you to any one I know looking to sell or rent their home.Keep up the Great Work.

Las Vegas, NV

THANK YOU!!! I listed my house on MilitaryByOwner.com and sold my home at a price that was fair. I saved money and sold my home quickly. MilitaryByOwner gave my home the right exposure....Worldwide! Thanks again.

Colorado Springs, CO

Thank You for your great website - I rented my place faster than I was expecting - I will always be advertised in your website when I need it. Thank You and God Bless.

Midland, GA

Thanks!!! This is a terrific site! I had some great folks check out my place and found some wonderful tenants, as a result. Greatly appreciate your fine work!

Alexandria, VA

Not only was this a success but it was a quick success. I could barely keep up with all the responses. What a great avenue to advertise in. Thanks!

Woodbridge, VA

Thank you for offering such a great website. I found it to be very useful and accommodating in leasing our house. Setting up the ad on MilitaryByOwner's website was very easy. I will recommend this website to others.

Chesapeake, VA

Thank you for sending us a buyer! We had little, if any 'bites' for our home prior to placing our ad on Militarybyowner.com. The first day of placing our ad, our Realtor received three calls from prospective buyers asking to see our home and we sold it three weeks later!

Lemoore, CA

Wow - this is an outstanding service. Within 24 hours of posting our home, we had 8 inquiries....and within 2 days we had a signed lease. Thank you so much!

Alexandria, VA

I posted our home "for sale or rent" on Wednesday night and by Thursday afternoon we had a renter who wants to buy the house when their lease expires! A week later, we have a signed lease and are ready to move!! Thank you militarybyowner - you rock.

Killeen, TX

Response to the ad was great. We rented it in a relatively short amount of time. Some info for other military families - people prepare in advance, so if your home will be ready to rent in July, put it on the market sooner - like in April/May when people may make house hunting trips to their new duty station. This is a great service and we will use it when we need to rent/sell the property again.

Navarre, FL

I wanted to let you know how thankful we are that we found your website and placed an ad. We had also listed with a realtor but our buyer saw our home on MilitaryByOwner.com. We had multiple inquiries from your site and sold in less than 30 days! We closed last week, July 24, 2009. In this housing market that is nothing short of a miracle!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GREAT WEBSITE!! We will definitely recommend you and use you again!

Huber Heights, OH

Many thanks for your WEB site. We were able to rent our apartment within 48 hours after posting it!!!!!!! We look forward to using your WEB site again when we place our ad to rent our apartment in the summer of 2010

Newport, RI

I was extremely pleased with this site and pleased with the response to my ad. I too, learned of the site by word of mouth from one of my former neighbors. Please keep up the good work, and I definitely would use this site again. Thank you.

Alexandria, VA

This was the 2nd time I successfully rented my house using your site. I recommend your site to all of my friends. I had great response and will not have a single empty day. Thanks.

Alexandria, VA

The ad in MilitaryByOwner.com worked great for me. Everyone I know asked how did you do that. Of course I told them MilitaryByOwner.com. I will definitely use your service in the future and tell everyone I know. Thank You!

Chula Vista, CA

It's as simple as this...put your ad on militarybyowner and you will sell your house. We tried everything to advertise our home for sale. One month on your website was all it took to get a acceptable offer and close. I couldn't be happier.

Warner Robins, GA

How was the response to my ad? The response was great. As soon as the ad was posted I started receiving calls. Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service? I think your service is great. Were it not for your service it would have taken MUCH longer to rent my property. Do you have any lesson learned that you would like to pass on to other military families? Looking for a rental place by using militarybyowner.com is a great way to find a place to rent.

New Bern, NC

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful website. I heard about you from a friend and bought and ad shortly after listing with a real estate agent. I just wanted more exposure and we got it. We just closed on our home today, 29MAY08 and it is officially "SOLD". We had a great experience with your website and the value cannot be beat. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to use a quality service at a fantastic price.

Virginia Beach, VA

I was very pleased with your service. Your reputation for service is widely known by the military community and the responses to our ad from non-military families was overwhelming as well. It is obvious that your site is the site of choice used by military and civilian families when relocating near military installations. I think that your prices are very reasonable and your web site is user friendly. I have always been successful using your site and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks again for making the home move so quickly through the use of your site.

Orange Park, FL

This is my second time using MBO and it is absolutely wonderful. I received great response from the add. I tell everyone I know about the site. Thanks MBO!

Pope AFB, NC

Thanks so much!! Our rental was listed easily, we had contact from a renter in two days, and sent them a copy of our lease in less than two weeks! This site was very easy to use and was definitely worth the price - posting pictures made all the difference, too, as our renters could not travel to househunt! Thanks again, Military By Owner!

Navarre, FL

Response was great, thank you for your service. Got inquires from as far as Germany. Next time my house goes on the rental market, you will be the one and only place where I will list my property. Best regards

Severna Park, MD


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Great site to search and rent!

Denise McQueary
Omaha, NE

We had a wonderful experience.  We found our house that we rented here, while living in Alabama, using Militarybyowner.com.  It  was exactly as advertised and so wonderful to get to arrive and move in.

Nikki Nash
Omaha, NE

Easy to use, friendly people and great info!  Thanks!

Jessica Crawford
Omaha, NE

Used it to rent and used it twice to rent out our Maryland home. Super easy to contact folks!!!  LOVE it! 

Leigh Weidman
Omaha, NE

Used Militarybyowner to find and rent near Hurlburt Field FL.  We owned a rental home and used MBO to rent it out.  

Sara Huebert
Omaha, NE

This is such a great resource for the military community to find and rent/sell properties.  We have used the site to rent/sell in Ft Campbell and Ft. Eustis.  Thank you so much!

Melissa and Joseph Bell
Omaha, NE

We love MBO! We found renters every time.  When we moved to FL, we had no idea where to start to look for rentals and so MBO really helped us out. We found a realtor in the area that was military affiliated and so made the process go much more smoothly.  We have used MBO to rent a home near Offutt AFB and find a rental home near South Com in the Miami area.

Alexis Dailey
Omaha, NE

Love the search feature by proximity to bases and love the free signs to use.

Michelle Amthor
Omaha, NE

I have been advertising properties on Military by Owner for over 10 years. They are my first "go-to" for leasing or selling a property, (and for leasing, they are usually my only "Go-To"!) I have been repeatedly blessed with military tenants who are every landlord’s Delight. The staff of MilitaryByOwner is the most accommodating and helpful people! They make this website the most user-friendly of any online experience you could hope for. I now have a qualified sales lead via MilitaryByOwner.

Memphis, TN

We have been members of MBO for over 15 years. We have always been able to rent our homes very quickly. We have rarely had any advertising issues but if we did, they were rectified immediately. The last property we put up for rent on a Friday afternoon and a contract was signed by Sunday evening! A fantastic website not only for military members but for everyone!

Bartlett, TN

I have used MBO near the San Diego area. Love the search feature by proximity to bases and love the free signs to use.

Omaha, NE

I have used MBO when moving to the MacDill AFB area. MBO is a great site to search for homes and rent!

Omaha, NE

Have used MBO to rent our own home near Offutt AFB and find a rental near South Com in the Miami area. We loved MBO. We found renters every time. When we moved to FL, we had no idea where to start to look for rentals and so MBO really helped us out. We found a realtor in the area that was military-affiliated and so made the process go much more smoothly.

Omaha, NE

We have used MBO to rent and sell near Ft Campbell KY and Ft Eustis VA. This is such a great resource for the military community to find and rent/sell properties. Thank you so much!

Melissa and Joseph
Omaha, NE

I have used MBO to find and rent near Hurlburt Field FL. We owned a rental home and used MBO to buy her in Papillion/Omaha and there were not many listings.

Omaha, NE

I used MBO to rent and used it twice to rent out our Maryland home. Love it! Super easy to contact folks!

Omaha, NE

We had a wonderful experience. We found our house that we rented here at Offutt AFB while living in Alabama using Militarybyowner.com. It was exactly as advertised and so wonderful to get to arrive and move in.

Omaha, NE

Have used MBO to sell/rent near USAF Academy-CO and Offutt AFB-NE. Easy to use, friendly people and great info. Thanks!

Omaha, NE

The website is a great resource and well organized. 

Colorado Springs, CO

Rentals are competitive here and go quickly. I found ours online before we PCS'd. 

Colorado Springs, CO

Alway helpful at PCS time. 


A great resource for military spouses and service members!

Colorado Springs, CO

I love how easy it is to use and how it keeps my listing for an easy renewal. 

Colorado Springs, CO

Love MilitaryByOwner. Easy to use and filter by needs


We used to find renters for our house in Chesapeake, VA Both times found fabulous renters. 

Norfolk, VA

I have used MBO to find homes in Norfolk and San Diego.  The site is very good, accurate and informative!

San Diego

I have used MBO to search rental properties when PCSing to March AFB and Nelllis AFB Nevada.  It was very helpful in finding both our homes.  Thank You!

Monica Mitchell
San Diego

I have used MBO for rental property searches all over the country.  I like that you can save favorites and listings with lots of photos to view.

San Diego

I have used MBO to search before and found the website amazing!

Iza Deleon
MSF San Diego

I have used MBO to search for rental properties in Kingsland GA. It is a great resouce, I check this site out first all the time!

Sergio Rodriguez
Camp Pendleton

I have used MBO to advertise my home near MCAS Cherry Point NC.  I loved renting out my home with MBO, the process was seamless!

Jennie Beverly
Camp Pendleton

I have used MBO to find homes to rent near Portsmouth VA and National Naval Medical Center Bethesda MD.  Very helpful to be able to search by base-unique only to this site

Megan Hartwell
San Diego

EASY PEASY to use! 

Colorado Springs, CO

We use MBO for everything. Very helpful! Love using this site to find, sell and rent.

Colorado Springs, CO

Found our home near Fort Drum, NY through MilitaryByOwner

Colorado Springs, CO

We love MilitaryByOwner! We have used them to find homes in multiple areas when we PCS'd. We also sold our home in Virginia. A great resource for military families.

Colorado Springs, CO

You guys are a huge asset! Not only was I able to find a renter for our property, but we also found a rental at our new duty station.


I love the site, MilitaryByOwner. We use it find rental homes. 


MilitaryByOwner has great service. We found military-friendly landlords and rentals advertising on the site. 


We are using MilitaryByOwner to actively look for a house to buy in the Fort Hood area. 


I love the responsiveness of MBO. Also, I love the ease of communication with prospective landlords. 


Your reps are awesome!!!


First place I look when we get orders!


We have used MBO to rent and sell our home. It is a great site and has worked well for us.


Thank you for all that you do! MBO is fantastic!


Love MilitaryByOwner. It is a great tool for the military.


I used MilitaryByOwner to find my home in NC. I feel safe contacting the homeowners or advertisers.


We found our home near Camp Lejeune, NC on MilitaryByOwner


This site was heaven sent during our search for housing in a city and state we really knew nothing about. I really don't know if we would have found the home we wanted without the website!

Results: 214 Testimonials found.