Search for Homes in Alexandria, Virginia, by Zip Code



Are you overwhelmed by all of the housing choices in Alexandria, Virginia? You’re not alone. The city limits are spread across miles and miles of differentiating residential and commercial districts, not to mention two completely different government systems. One of the ways to cut out some of the confusion is to search for a home through MilitaryByOwner with Alexandria zip codes. 


It may seem odd at first, but home shopping by Alexandria zip codes is one of the most efficient ways to search, especially if your family is in need of public schools in the area. A zip code search is efficient for a couple of reasons. 


1) There are actually two Alexandrias. 


Each is operated by their own government and school system. 


Alexandria, Fairfax County, stretches along the Potomac River, just south of the Capital Beltway/95. The western border of Alexandria is also along 95. In between, there’s an accurate snapshot of what suburbian life looks life. Neighborhood grocery stories, walkable schools, and older, colonial style homes. It is the largest of the two Alexandrias in size and population.


These are Alexandria, Fairfax County, zip codes to use when cross referencing potential homes for sale or rent: 22302, 22303, 22304, 22306, 22307, 22308, 22309, 22310, 22311, 22312 and 22315.


Learn more: Understanding Alexandria, Virginia, Zip Codes and Borders: How to Research Where You'll Live, Shop, and Play in Alexandria.


The City of Alexandria is the streetscape that comes to mind when newcomers envision the city. This view is really the Old Town section of Alexandria. Here, charming historic homes line cobblestone neighborhood streets near the same location that small boutiques and national chain stores thrive through tourist dollars. But, the City of Alexandria extends further north and west of Old Town. In these neighborhoods, there is a mix of style of single family homes and more recently built townhouse communities intermixed with suburban retailers. 



Old Town Alexandria

Use these City of Alexandria zip codes for help searching for a new home to buy or rent: 22206, 22301, 22302, 22304, 22305, 22311, 22312.



2) Alexandria has two separate school systems. 


These are Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS).


Each uses zip codes to distinguish boundaries as to which school your child will attend, in most cases. These assignments often influence a family’s decisions on whether or not to buy or rent homes in zip codes which are zoned for various schools. This decision becomes especially challenging if one child needs to be bused to a school in another zip code for specialized educational services. 


Here’s a A Pre-PCS School Checklist to help with your transition to Alexandria. 


The assigned schools also have an effect on housing prices. For locations near sought after schools, you can expect to see higher costs. Schools with special features such as language immersion or access to special education on the school campus are often targeted to fit the needs of the kids attending. 


To simply choose or discount a school by generalized ratings is not an astute decision in either school system. Incoming parents often seek out personal experiences from current families and schedule visits to meet the principal or counselor. 




How a MilitaryByOwner Zip Code Search Works


MilitaryByOwner's home page offers the option to enter a zip code in either the Buy or Rent tabs. For example, after entering the zip code 22310 on the left of the screen, the search results are outlined by zip code boundaries.


Choose the family icon. It will display schools within that zip code boundary. Each school’s basic information is listed. This frame of reference is important when comparing the location of the home vs. the location of the school. 


If searching by base, choose Fort Belvoir, then pick Alexandria from the drop down list of Cities near the base. For reference, Fort Belvoir’s is zip code 22060, which is NOT a part of either Alexandria, but the base does align itself with FCPS schools. 


Wanting to search for a home by school district? We show you how!



Before making any final housing decisions, it’s important to cross reference preferred zip codes with FCPS and ACPS boundaries and address locators to ensure accuracy for school assignments. 


Although unusual, especially for those who normally search for a home using the name of a city, Alexandria zip codes are very helpful for determining a suitable location for your next move. They not only help distinguish school boundaries, but they separate government systems and help put a visual on where sections of the city end and begin, which is ideal for determining preferred commute times and options. 


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