Alexandria VA Zip Codes and Borders


Understanding Alexandria, Virginia Zip Codes and Borders: 

How to Research Where You'll Live, Shop, and Play in Alexandria



When researching from afar, newcomers to Alexandria, Virginia, often find it tricky to understand how Alexandria is broken into boundaries and/or zip codes. For good reason! The collective Alexandria, as we generally mention in conversation, encompasses miles and miles of distance and dozens of zip codes and neighborhoods. Alexandria is even broken down into two separate governing bodies: the City of Alexandria and Fairfax County.


This guide to boundaries and zip codes in Alexandria will help determine your best options for a PCS to any part of the city!


Please note that when researching homes, it takes a coordinated effort to cross reference zip codes and neighborhood names. In most cases, they are designated within Alexandria’s borders, but sometimes the post office chooses to differentiate their name.


For example, a very popular section of Alexandria (Fairfax County) is called Kingstowne. It has its own zip code, 22315, but it’s still Alexandria.


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City of Alexandria

As you can see, the City of Alexandria is the northernmost part of the collective known as Alexandria. The northern border is Arlington County and the remaining borders meet Fairfax County. The City of Alexandria is not in a county. Back in history, there was an Alexandria County, but this was changed to Arlington County to avoid further confusion.

It is an independent city with its own governing system. From schools (Alexandria City Public Schools) to law enforcement, each entity is operated under the City of Alexandria.


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New families enjoy parts of the City of Alexandria because of the many amenities. Walkability tops the list, but restaurants, shopping, and cultural activities are big perks, too. Old Town Alexandria is probably the best known neighborhood of the City of Alexandria, but there are other sections that are popular with military families because of easy commutes to the Pentagon and Fort Belvoir.

Four Major Alexandria Areas: Old Town, Del Ray, West End, and Carlyle/Eisenhower

Each of these has specific neighborhoods that have different "vibes" or reputations. Most cater to families in multiple ways. Their zip codes include:


  • Old Town 22314  Known for its cobblestone streets, boutiques, restaurants, and designated the historic district along the Potomac River. Walkable King Street with centuries old architecture. Old Town is the heart of Alexandria.
  • West End  Van Dorn, Seminary Hill (22302, 22311, 22312)  The West End is the city's craft beer scene, some of the best Thai, Vietnamese, and Ethiopian food. You'll also find historic parks like the 45-acre Civil War Fort Ward Museum and Historic Site
  • Del Ray Arlandria, Potomac Yard (22301, 22305)  Known for its small town vibe and community-oriented atmosphere. Strolling along Mount Vernon Avenue with independent shops, the Del Ray Farmers Market, and restaurant scene. ‚Äč
  • Carlyle/Eisenhower Cameron Station (Southwestern area of 22314 and 22304) Is a vibrant and growing neighborhood known for its mix of residential, commercial, and cultural spaces.

Alexandria, Fairfax County


The remainder of Alexandria is housed by Fairfax County. Sometimes this part of Alexandria is referred to as Lower or South Alexandria. One of the benefits of this portion of the city is that it’s location is outside of the 495 Beltway, which means the option for more space and a little more affordability.

Another draw is access to Fairfax County Public Schools. With an abundance of very good schooling options to choose from, families usually spend plenty of time examining commute times and zip codes in relationship to their preferred schools. Because of the size of FCPS, they have created several maps that are infinitely helpful with housing searches. If school is important, be very studious as to where your potential property is zoned.

These details are also important for military members without the need for public education. Future resale and potential renters will be affected by which school the home is designated for. Also note that Fort Belvoir Schools are NOT in Alexandria, but ARE part of FCPS.

These are commonly searched zip codes in Alexandria, Fairfax County:


22060   Fort Belvoir

22303   Alexandria/Jefferson Manor       

22306   Alexandria/Groveton     

22307   Alexandria/Belleview     

22308   Alexandria/Fort Hunt     

22309   Alexandria/Engleside     

22310   Alexandria/Franconia

22315   Alexandria/Kingstowne


Although Alexandria takes up a big chunk of Fairfax County, it’s not the only major city within the county borders. This is why neighbor cities like Springfield and Burke are lumped into another category known as Greater Alexandria.

The good and bad news is that there are likely several very appealing neighborhoods to choose from which may make it difficult to pick your favorite option. House hunting anywhere in the National Capital Region requires thoughtful insight to prioritize your must-haves. Typically, these priorities include schools, commute, and rent or mortgage payment.

This is a solid start for getting to know Alexandria and where to call home next. But, ultimately, Alexandria is a destination that will take some time and effort to get to know. The sheer size of the city and county combined offer many walks of life for all types of people.

  • City of Alexandria Total Area: 15.5 sq mi
  • Estimated Population: 160,035
  • Fairfax County Total Area: 406 sq mi
  • Estimated Population: 1,148,000

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