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Naval Air Station Meridian Relocation Information


Photo by NAS Meridian Facebook


Welcome to NAS Meridian!


Located in the middle of the Magnolia State, Naval Air Station Meridian is home to Training Air Wing One, Training Squadron 9, Training Squadron 7, Naval Technical Training Center, Marine Aviation Training Support Squadron One, and the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy. 


Situated in the rolling hills of Mississippi, far from big cities, NAS Meridian centers around outdoor recreation. Here, you’ll find a community-driven MWR with plentiful opportunities to try new things. You may find that you spend most of your free time hunting, fishing, golfing, shooting trap and skeet, swimming, camping, and unleashing your competitive side on an intramural sports team. 


And don’t underestimate the value of a day or weekend trip to nearby Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, for attractions like the Jackson Zoological Park, the Mississippi Children's Museum, and historic sites to explore. 



Aviators in training fly the T-45c Goshawk while stationed at NAS Meridian. 

Photo by Naval Air Station Meridian


Frequently Asked Questions About NAS Meridian

1) Is Meridian, Mississippi, a good place to live? 


Determining whether Meridian is a good place to live largely depends on what you’re looking for. Are the job opportunities, attractions, and things to do nearby overflowing? No. But what you lose in the bustle of other cities you gain in a small-town lifestyle. It might take an adjustment period, but it probably won’t be long before you enjoy the simpler things in life here at NAS Meridian. 

2) What is there to do at NAS Meridian? 

Without many attractions nearby, most people take to the great outdoors to find things to do. Horseback riding, hunting, fishing, swimming, and camping are all popular ways military families choose to spend their time at NAS Meridian. 


Photo by Onasill ~ Bill on Flickr


3) What should I know before moving to Mississippi?


You should know that Mississippi is a southern state through and through. It’s defined by its people and deep-rooted history. The people are hospitable. And though you’ll find the summer to be quite humid, the Mississippi charm is more overwhelming. 


4) What is Meridian, Mississippi, known for? 


Meridian, Mississippi, is known for its role in the Civil War, as it was the site of a Confederate arsenal, a military hospital, a POW stockade, and more. Then, from 1890-1930, the town hit its golden age and became the leader of manufacturing — making it the largest city in Mississippi before becoming the town you know today.

5) What is the zip code for NAS Meridian?


The zip code for NAS Meridian is 39309.  Nearby zip codes include 39326, 39335, and 39301. 


6) What is the BAH for NAS Meridian? 

BAH for NAS Meridian ranges from $1,011 for E-1 to $1,770 for E-9 with dependents, and from $1,119 for O-1 to $2,028 for O-7 with dependents. See housing section for more info.

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Base Location and Information

Official Site: Naval Air Station Meridian



Meridian NAS base map 2


Meridian NAS base map

Images via NAS Meridian


Naval Air Station Meridian lies just fifteen miles northeast of downtown Meridian, MS, and east of the Mississippi-Alabama state line.


Though Meridian isn’t very large, it fosters that small-town charm that many find comforting. But the state capital, Jackson, is about two hours to the west. Montgomery, Alabama, is about three hours to the east. And Pensacola, Florida, is about 3.5 hours southeast — making it the perfect spot for a weekend beach trip! 


For military families looking to buy a home here, good news, as the cost of living is considerably low. Both the average price in homes to buy and rent are lower than the Mississippi state and national averages. Without many towns nearby, military families moving here choose to either live on base or make the town of Meridian their home, so you’ll likely find a strong sense of community among military families here. 


Nearby military installations: 

NAS Meridian isn’t neighbors with any other military installations. However, there are several within driving distance, including: 



Arrival Lodging

Photo by Navy MWR


Navy Gateway Inns and Suites will take care of you when you reach NAS Meridian. With basic amenities, it’s a good place to get your bearings while you find your next place to call home. 



218 Fuller Road 

Meridian, Mississippi


Contact: (601) 846-1675


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NAS Meridian Housing


Photo by Balfour Beatty Communities


Military housing at NAS Meridian is privatized and managed by Balfour Beatty Communities. Located on base, NAS Meridian Homes offers two pet-friendly, walkable communities that  include playgrounds, a dog park, picnic areas, and quick access to base amenities. 

Contact: (601) 679-7669

For additional questions and information, contact the Housing Service Center at DSN: 637-2520.


NAS Meridian Off-Base Housing

View homes for sale and houses for rent near NAS Meridian: NAS Meridian Homes






Nearby cities include Meridian and Bailey. You can follow this link to expedite your search for a home to buy:

Use this link if you are looking for a house to rent:


NAS Meridian BAH Information

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a U.S. based allowance determined by geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. It provides uniformed service members compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets when government quarters are not provided. Learn more about your Basic Allowance for Housing.


NAS Meridian is near Daleville and Lauderdale with many options to buy or rent. Some sample NAS Meridian BAH rates for zip code 39309: 

  • E-1 with dependents: $1,011
  • E-1 without dependents: $813
  • E-9 with dependents: $1,770
  • E-9 without dependents: $1,329
  • O-1 with dependents: $1,119
  • O-1 without dependents: $939
  • O-7 with dependents: $2,028
  • O-7 without dependents: $1,734

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Area Weather & Climate


NAS Meridian area

Image via formulaone Flickr



The central Mississippi climate is considered humid subtropical. That means that while you’ll face hot and muggy summer months (May to September), the winters will typically be mild, minus a few exceptional cold days. Due to its location, this region is vulnerable to a handful of natural disaster-type weather. You might witness tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, floods, droughts, and tropical cyclones (usually in the summer).


The best thing that you can do to equip yourself is to be familiar with emergency protocols and have a plan in place should the weather turn ugly. 

For more information, take a look at NAS Meridian’s Emergency Management page.


NAS Meridian Area Schools

School-age kids stationed at NAS Meridian fall under the Meridian Public School District


Screen_Shot_2020-06-11_at_12.41.07_PM I


School Attendance Areas Image via Meridian Public School District


If you’re looking for a private school education for your children, Private School Review is a great tool to help you find the right fit for you and your family. 


Families interested in homeschooling should follow the Mississippi Department of Education homeschool regulations. For any questions or concerns, contact the NAS Meridian School Liaison Office



Support for Military and Families



Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash


While military families moving to Meridian will find a great community among one another, the opportunities for work are scarce. The unemployment rate in Meridian is lower than the state and national average. The base, healthcare, and education are the top employers here. 


There are numerous volunteer opportunities at places like United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hope Village for Children, Habitat for Humanity, Wesley House Community Center, and more which always welcome extra help! 


The MWR is a great resource for military families stationed here. With organized activities, youth centers, and recreation equipment rentals, there are plenty of things to do, even if it looks a little different than your last duty station.


Some helpful links: 


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More Area Info






Base Address:

405 Rosenbaum Ave
Meridian NAS , 39309-5500