Alexandria's Crime and Safety Trends

aerial view of Alexandria VA

Aerial view of Alexandria waterfront. Photo from Morse.

Prospective homeowners often become so focused on the aesthetics and financial aspects of a new house that they overlook the crime and safety statistics of their chosen city. Neglecting these factors doesn't make sense, as a home's value and appeal are significantly influenced by the health and security of the local community.

This tendency is common, even for those moving to Alexandria, Virginia. Like any city, Alexandria has a mix of positive and negative aspects across different neighborhoods and streets.

Crime and Safety Trends for Alexandria 

While Alexandria ranked #2 as the safest city in the U.S. in 2019, the city recently lost that title as crime rates increased over the past few years. However, the FBI has yet to release the 2023 crime stats. That report will come out in October of 2024.


According to NeighborhoodScout, these are the most recent FBI annual crime stats in Alexandria, VA: 


2022 Total Crime Index: 21 (out of 100) Alexandria is safer than 21% of U.S. cities. 


Number of Crimes: 3,227

  • Violent Crimes: 281
  • Property Crimes: 2,946

Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents): 20.75

  • Violent Crime Rate: 1.81
  • Property Crime Rate: 18.94

Alexandria is neither one of the safest nor one of the most dangerous places to live in Virginia and remains safer than the state average. However, the property crime rate is a bit higher in the city.  


Your chances of being involved in a violent crime: 

  • Alexandria: 1 in 553
  • Virginia: 1 in 427

Your chances of being the victim of property crime: 

  • Alexandria: 1 in 53
  • Virginia: 1 in 59


Crime Reports from the City of Alexandria and Alexandria, Fairfax County

Because Alexandria has two separate governments that enforce laws and report crime stats differently, it's important to know how they each map and communicate crime and safety facts to their residents. For those moving to Alexandria, become familiar with the location difference and search accordingly.

City of Alexandria Crime Trends

The Alexandria Police Department consists of 320 sworn and 138 civilian employees. Most sworn officers have positions within The Field Operations Bureau, which is the community's most recognizable force, responding to reports of general crimes, public traffic enforcement, emergencies, and more. 


This police department uses the mapping agent to make the city’s crime data available to the public. Those who investigate will find crime instances submitted by the police department (and later to the State of Virginia and potentially the FBI’s databases) related to a large area, such as a region or as small as a neighborhood block.

street view in Alexandria VA

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Crime Trends in Alexandria, Fairfax County

The Fairfax County Police Department is one of the largest departments in the country and ranks as one of the safest jurisdictions for its size among the top 50 major cities. The county police serve many cities surrounding Alexandria, so knowing which districts serve which neighborhoods or sections of Alexandria is helpful.


The Mount Vernon Police District


Size: Approximately 26 square miles

Area: Richmond Highway Corridor from the City of Alexandria on the north to Fort Belvoir in the south.

Serves: Mount Vernon Estate and Garden, Woodlawn Plantation, Fort Hunt National Park, and Huntley Meadows Park.


The Mason Station


Size: Approximately 20 square miles

Area: It borders Arlington County, the Cities of Alexandria and Falls Church to the east, and the City of Fairfax to the west.

Serves: Baileys Crossroads, Seven Corners, Skyline, Falls Church, Mason District Park, Annandale, Inova Fairfax Hospital, Landmark Plaza.


The Franconia District Station


Size: 51 square miles

Area: Annandale, Springfield, Lorton, Little River Turnpike south to Mason Neck and I-95 east to Telegraph Road.

Serves: The I-95/I-495 interchange, Springfield Town Center, Kingstowne, Lorton, Gunston Hall Plantation, Pohick Bay Regional Park, Mason Neck State Park, Mason Neck National Wildlife Preserve, Lee District Park and Accotink Park.


You can find crime reports from the Fairfax County Police Department on their website under Crime Statistics.

Although checking Alexandria's safety statistics may not be your top priority before relocating or as an existing resident, it's essential not to ignore them. These statistics are important for your safety and financial security, including preserving future home resale values.

Both areas of Alexandria are recognized for their high quality of life, yet each contains certain neighborhoods and streets that vary in safety. By utilizing one of the crime reporting systems endorsed by police departments, you can easily stay informed about crime incidents in your current or prospective neighborhood.


While it might not be your primary concern to check Alexandria's safety statistics before moving to the city or as a current resident, it's crucial not to overlook them. This is important for your safety and financial protection, such as maintaining resale value in the future.

Both parts of Alexandria are known for their high quality of life rankings, but each has positive and negative aspects. Using one of the crime reporting systems that police departments endorse, you can easily stay updated with the crime and safety trends where you live or are searching for a home.

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