A Spotlight On Alexandria, Virginia, Zip Codes 22309 and 22310

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Although the Alexandria, VA, zip codes 22309 (Mount Vernon) and 22310 (Franconia, Rose Hill) are not adjacent on a map, they share similarities in housing styles, historical relevance, and in-demand locations. In these zip codes, military house shoppers search for simple commute schedules, a strong community connection, and local amenities unique to their neighborhood. 


For more choices, take a look at these homes for sale or rent in Alexandria.

22309 Mount Vernon Neighborhoods

A coveted historic location near George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gristmill, access to George Washington Memorial Parkway, and a quick commute to Fort Belvoir are just three reasons house hunters choose neighborhoods in the Mount Vernon area. 


Wessynton, Yacht Haven, Grist Mill, Mount Vernon Terrace, Woodlawn Park, and Woodlawn Manor neighborhoods are distributed throughout 22309. Portions were formerly adjacent to Mount Vernon estate as farmland. Regional hidden gem Huntley Meadows Park borders all to the north, the Potomac River to the south, Fort Belvoir to the west, and Fort Hunt neighborhoods to the east.

Huntley Meadows in Alexandria VA


Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria, VA. Photo by Jan Allbeck on Unsplash.


Homes in these neighborhoods are diverse in style and build date. They range from the 1950s and 1960s to current builds. This stretch of time allows for plenty of variations in colonial and modern-style homes, including waterfront property. The lots are typically around a quarter acre, and most houses have a garage—a luxury in the region. Some townhouses and apartment living are available. 


Overall, the zip code has an assortment of price points. The most affordable homes in the area are north of Route 1/Richmond Highway and start at the low to mid $400,000s. South of Route 1/Richmond Highway, home sales begin near $650,000 and easily climb to above $1.5 million. Prices quickly rise as you move south to the Potomac River. 


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22309 Shopping, Entertainment, and Commuting


Along Route 1/Richmond Highway, you’ll find all the major conveniences of name-brand shopping, including big box and grocery stores. A mix of local stores and restaurants makes up the difference in available amenities. The Route 1/Richmond Highway corridor is slated to undergo significant updates and upgrades under Fairfax County’s improvement project, Embark


The Mount Vernon Estate and Grist Mill draw both residents and tourists year-round. George Washington’s presidential library is also across the street from the grounds. Guests and members will enjoy a robust collection of events at each facility. 


Nearby Mount Vernon Yacht Club and Mount Vernon Country Club provide guests with various activities, including swim teams, golfing, sailing, formal events, and casual dining options.


The George Washington Memorial Parkway is a straight shot into Old Town Alexandria and continues past Ronald Reagan International Airport and to all points north into Washington, DC. “The Parkway,” as it’s known, also splits to connect with Fort Hunt Road, which intersects with the major highways of the area: I-295, I-395, and I-495. The drive is scenic throughout all four seasons, a strong selling point for renters and sellers, as it follows the Potomac River and provides access to riverside recreation sites. 


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I-495 DC beltway near Alexandria and Maryland

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22310 Neighborhoods Franconia and Rose Hill


This Alexandria zip code borders I-495 to the north, the Kingstowne community, and Telegraph Road/South Kings Highway to the south, Old Town Alexandria to the east, and Springfield to the west. Franconia, Rose Hill, Clermont, and Wilton Woods are names of neighborhoods or subdivisions in 22310 that you’ll find pop up over and over again.


On the west side of the zip code border, Franconia benefits from the location near Kingstowne (a planned community of Alexandria) and the nearby popular city, Springfield, home to the closest traditional mall, restaurants, and stand-alone stores.



Rose Hill was once part of George Mason’s Gunston Hall estate, but its modern aesthetics and community lifestyle began in the mid-1950s. 


Single-family homes dominate Clermont housing options, which is true for most of the 22310 zip code. Residents cherish their quiet community and have Clermont Elementary School dedicated to students in the neighborhood. 


Wilton Woods attracts buyers and renters who prefer a mature neighborhood with charm to spare. As the name suggests, the wooded streets  provide a “tucked away” feel. It also has a past connection to George Washington and his contemporaries. 


Today, homes for sale in these neighborhoods start at around $550,000 to $650,000 for a three- or four-bedroom home. Numerous houses have garages and are built with colonial features in mind. Larger and updated properties have a price closer to $800,000. Various stages, from the original footprint to new construction, represent each decade starting from the 1950s.


22310 Shopping. Entertainment, and Commuting


Although each neighborhood has an affection for a corner store or shop, the stores in these neighborhoods are only one, two, or three miles apart, allowing their communities to access many of the same amenities.


Rose Hill residents have walkable access to the Rose Hill Shopping Center and the Lee District Rec Center, part of the Fairfax County Parks and Recreation system. The John Marshall Library is also nearby. Clermont is home to Mark Twain Park and a laser tag center at Shadowland Laser Adventures.


Grounded Coffee Shop is a must-visit destination for all neighborhoods, and residents consider it one of their hidden gems. Greendale Golf Course is also considered a local favorite due to the accessible county facilities and an easy start to your round of golf.  Rose Hill, Clermont, and Wilton Woods have quick drives to Franconia, Kingstowne, and Springfield attractions. 


Commuters looking for public transportation have access to multiple Metro stations and bus choices. Start with the Van Dorn stop and routes, but depending on your location, the Eisenhower or King Street stop could be a practical transportation solution.


Fairfax County Public Schools


Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) attracts military families for many reasons, including widespread access to a variety of special education and the system's strong relationship with military families. 


For example, the Virginia Purple Star Designation was awarded to several military-friendly schools within the area. Military families make up a significant and vocal part of Alexandria’s education system, and FCPS has more accommodations than most similarly sized public school systems. 


See an overview of Alexandria’s public school systems.



students writing at desks

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If you’re choosing a home in either zip code, your student will likely fall into FCPS’s Region 3, either Mount Vernon Pyramid (22309) or Edison Pyramid (22310), but small pockets of other zip codes may also attend these schools. Always start with the FCPS Boundary Locator to verify your potential address.  


Mount Vernon Pyramid 22309


  • Fort Belvoir Primary School
  • Fort Belvoir Upper School
  • Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School
  • Riverside Elementary School
  • Washington Mill Elementary School
  • Woodlawn Elementary School
  • Woodley Hills Elementary School
  • Whitman Middle School
  • Mount Vernon High School

Edison Pyramid 22310


  • Bush Hill Elementary School
  • Cameron Elementary School
  • Clermont Elementary School
  • Franconia Elementary School
  • Mount Eagle Elementary School
  • Rose Hill Elementary School
  • Twain Middle School
  • Edison High School and Academy

Not everyone can say they live on historical property once owned by the founding fathers! The 22309 and 22310 zip codes have so much to offer those drawn to these sections of Alexandria.


Properties tend to be slightly more affordable and newer than the homes in neighboring Old Town or Fort Hunt, but they still offer small-town vibes and a tight community connection, making them a perfect option to begin your house hunt.


If you're moving to Alexandria, grab our free resource about the area below.




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