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Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton

Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton Relocation Information


Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton

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Welcome to Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton

Naval Base Kitsap is the third-largest Navy base in the United States and is considered the most complex. It’s home to the Navy’s fleet command in the Pacific Northwest and sits on over 12,000 acres and houses nearly 70 tenant commands, two Nimitz-class aircraft, submarines, flag commands, and the largest fuel depot in the continental United States. In addition to executing high-value missions supporting the National Defense Strategy, the base stays up-to-date on technological advances with the Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation commands. 



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Naval Air Station Bremerton, Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Keyport, Manchester Fuel Depot, and Jackson Park combined in 2004 to form Naval Base Kitsap.


The Kitsap-Bremerton Annex is home to the USS John C. Stennis. The base maintains, modernizes, and repairs all ships and submarines of the fleet, concentrating on nuclear-propelled vessels. Here are a few of the large commands you’ll find across Naval Base Kitsap:

  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility 
  • Trident Refit Facility Bangor
  • Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport 
  • Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest

Frequently Asked Questions About Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton



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1. Can you travel from Seattle to Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton by ferry? 


Yes, you can travel from Seattle to Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton and back on the Washington State Ferries. These operate daily. 


2. How many gates does Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton have?

Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton has three gates:


  • Missouri Gate/Visitor Control Center
  • Charleston Gate
  • Naval Avenue Gate

3. Does it rain a lot at Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton? 


You will see a lot of rain at Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton. Although it might not be as rainy as its reputation might have you believe, it rains approximately 154 days out of the year averaging 56 inches of rainfall annually. 


4. When was Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton formed?


Naval Air Station Bremerton and Naval Submarine Base Bangor combined in 2004 to form Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton. 


5. What is the zip code for Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton?


The zip code for Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton is 98314. Other nearby zip codes include 98311, 98370, 98312, and 98337.


6. What is the BAH for Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton? 


BAH for Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton ranges from $2,136 for E-1 to $3,009 for E-9 with dependents, and $2,241 for O-1 to $3,372  for O-7 with dependents. See housing section for more info. 


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Base Location and Information

Official Site: Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton



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Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton sits on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state. It’s approximately 20 minutes south of Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, 40 minutes north of Tacoma, about one and a half hours west of Seattle by ferry, and just under 3 hours southwest of Whidbey Island. Also within two hours drive are the Olympic National Park and Forest and the Mt. Rainier National Park. 


With convenient access to protected water, there are many military installations in this region. 




Nearby military installations: 

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Arrival Lodging


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Navy Gateway Inns and Suites accommodate incoming servicemembers and their families.  



Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton 

120 South Dewey St. Bldg. 865

Bremerton, WA 98314


Contact: (360) 824-3337

Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton Housing


Image from West Sound Family Housing


Naval Base Kitsap on-base housing is privatized and managed by West Sound Family Housing. On base, you’ll find five neighborhoods. The Bremerton neighborhood has unique, historic homes complete with hardwood floors.  


West Sound Family Housing Contact Info 


4168 Greenfish Drive

Silverdale, WA 98315


Phone: (360) 598-5831


Navy Housing Service Center


Bangor Plaza

2720 Ohio St. Bldg. 2720 

Silverdale, WA 98315


Hours: 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Contact Info

Phone: (360) 396-4399 


Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton Off-Base Housing 

Homes for sale and houses for rent near Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton - Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton Homes



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Many military families moving to Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton choose to live in Silverdale 4.7 miles north of the base, East Bremerton, or even venture to Port Orchard just 9.5 miles south on the other side of the Puget Sound. 


Base Search: 


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Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton BAH Information

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a U.S. based allowance determined by geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. It provides uniformed service members compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets when government quarters are not provided. Learn more about your Basic Allowance for Housing.


Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton is near Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Silverdale with a few options to buy or rent. The Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton BAH is close to the cost of living in the area. Some sample Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton BAH rates for zip code 98314: 


  • E-1 with dependents: $2,136
  • E-1 without dependents: $1,740
  • E-9 with dependents: $3,009
  • E-9 without dependents: $2,403
  • O-1 with dependents: $2,241
  • O-1 without dependents: $2,088
  • O-7 with dependents: $3,372
  • O-7 without dependents: $2,982

Area Weather & Climate



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Summers near Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton are short, dry, and warm. The winters are long and very cold, cloudy, and wet. While there aren’t many natural disasters in this region, newcomers should come prepared with lots of water-proof and weather-resistant clothing to navigate the rainy weather. Occasionally, the area faces a winter storm, landslide, flooding, earthquake, or tsunami. Learn more at the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Emergency Preparedness.  

Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton Area Schools


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There are no DoDEA schools located on Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton. Military families with school-age children fall under the Kitsap County School Districts.


Kitsap School_Map

Map from Kitsap County


Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton School Liaison Office Information



Bangor Plaza 

2720 Ohio St. 

Silverale, WA 98315

Phone: 360-340-2824

Get information about private schools near Naval Base Kitsap: Private School ReviewHomeschooling families can learn how to comply with the Washington State Board of Education regarding students instructed at home on their site.


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Support for Military & Families


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There are a handful of higher education opportunities in the area, in addition to volunteer programs to connect with. While the national unemployment rate sits at 4%, the Bremerton-Silverdale area rests at 4.8% as of January 2022. 


Some of the area’s top employers:

  • Naval Base Kitsap
  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center
  • Harrison Medical Center
  • Naval Hospital Bremerton
  • Central Kitsap School District

Looking to volunteer? Try these organizations:



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 Higher education near Naval Base Kitsap: 

 Other helpful links:

Things to Do Near Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton



Photo from Sarah Mae on Unsplash  

Point No Point Lighthouse and Park: A historic lighthouse featuring sandy beaches, picnic areas, and undeveloped saltwater access. 


Bremerton Bug and Reptile Museum: Filled with snakes, inspects, reptiles. Features a scavenger hunt and features Boris the spider and his pet frog ready to take a picture with you. 


Ahoy Kitsap Playland: Large indoor three-story playground with toddler area and virtual reality arcade. 


Kids Discovery Museum: Encourages children’s curiosity with play and exploration. 


USS Turner Joy Museum: Built in Seattle in 1957, this ship was commissioned in 1959 and decommissioned in 1982. It now serves as a museum sharing insight on the Vietnam War and naval history across the Pacific Northwest.  


Puget Sound Navy Museum: Features artifacts representing naval history in the Pacific Northwest. 


The Boat Shed: Offers fresh seafood and amazing views for the last 40 years. 


Space Needle: Seattle icon built in 1962. It has an all-glass revolving floor lounge for an incredible view of the city and amazing cocktails. 


Pike Place Market: “The Soul of Seattle” extends across a handful of neighborhoods and offers shopping and dining experiences. 


The Coffee Oasis/Burwell Cafe: Expertly roasted coffee in small batches to guarantee freshness and incredible quality. All proceeds support their youth programs offering a safe home when needed. 

More Area Info

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Base Address:

120 Dewey Street
Bremerton , 98314-5020