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Fort Bliss

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Fort Bliss   

Fort Bliss Housing:

Fort Bliss Housing includes 3,000 housing units in seventeen distinctive neighborhoods and is managed by Balfour Beatty Communities .  Due to the high number of neighborhoods, there are several housing managment offices that the various neighborhoods fall under. Here are the contact numbers for each:
Kelly Park Community Center - managing housing for North and South Main Post, Corregidor, La Noria, Historic Red Bricks and Pershing Heights. Phone (915) 564-0795, Fax (915) 564-1853
Logan Heights Community Office - managing housing for George Moore Park, Logan Heights, and Aero Vista.  Phone (915) 564-1230, Fax (915) 564-1231
Paso Del Norte Community Center - managing housing for Lindquist Heights, Paso Del Norte, Lower/Upper Beaumont and Hayes. Phone (915) 564-1794, Fax (915) 564-1796

House Hunting:

Homes for sale and houses for rent near Fort Bliss – Fort Bliss Homes

Arrival Lodging:

Base lodging and local hotels for initial lodging needs – Fort Bliss Lodging

Base Location:

Fort Bliss is located at 1 Pershing Road, Fort Bliss, TX 79916.  The post lies at the the far western tip of Texas, adjacent to El Paso, bordering the Rio Grande river, with over 90% of its training area located in New Mexico.

Base Address:

1 Pershing Road
Fort Bliss , 79916