Video Buying a Historic Home

Buying A Historic Home

Are you drawn to the classic beauty and charm of a historic home? Sure, many of us are. While newly built homes smell clean and often have perfect lines and symmetry, historic homes are full of character. Perhaps you have rented one of the historic homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places before and are now considering buying one. Before you do, understand that owning a historic home is a huge commitment.

Here some pros and cons you should know before owning a historic home.


  1. Superior Craftsmanship. Historic homes often feature craftsmanship that you will not find in a newer home.

  2. Changes must be approved. Any proposed changes to the area must be approved by a local historical board. Because of this, you know that the integrity of your property will remain intact over time thus making your historic home purchase a good financial investment.



  1. There are restrictions. When you purchase a historic home, you commit to maintaining the property’s authenticity. Therefore, any alterations you may want to make to the house must have prior approval.  

  2. Your utility bills will likely increase. Since historic homes were built with different materials than the energy-efficient ones we see today. It takes a lot more energy to heat or cool your historic home and can lead to higher utility bills.

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