Video MBO Business Advertiser Testimonials

Business Advertiser Testimonials

MilitaryByOwner Advertising provides advertising beyond an independent user. Our services are available to anyone with the goal of advertising a home either to sell, buy or rent property. Our mission is to help you reach your goal as homeowners, property managers or companies. 

Among the variety of advertisers on MilitaryByOwner are Stansfield Signature and Help U Sell Broker. They graciously took a minute to share their experience working with us. 

Here is what two of our business advertisers have to share. 

Help U Sell Broker 

Clients do expect us to use MilitaryByOwner. 

"I have found what is really beneficial with the MilitaryByOwner website is it runs the full gamut of representation in real estate." 

If you’re a potential landlord, potential tenant, a potential buyer, potential seller, it’s a great wealth of information. 

MilitaryByOwner is a great way to showcase a home. We have a very tech savvy community who are out there buying homes and they want to know every little thing that they can find and MilitaryByOwner does that. 

Stansfield Signature 

Stansfield Signature incorporates MilitaryByOwner in every single listing presentation. 

"Our clients are just thrilled that we are using MilitaryByOwner to support them and their real estate goals." 

In 2014, one out of every twelve transactions in the U.S. was from an international buyer. MilitaryByOwner and Stansfield Signature are both global companies and our partnership allows us to reach as many families as possible. 

Our clients are very excited and happy that we are using MilitaryByOwner to help them meet or exceed their real estate goals. 

Whether you are a homeowner, property manager or business, we look forward to your partnership to meet our military families’s real estate needs!