Video Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Landlord Tenant Relationship

All renters hope for a positive relationship with their landlord though there are some specific qualities that military renters specifically look for.

  • Regular, timely communication. 
  • A move-in ready home. Many military families look for a home after they arrive at their new duty-station. This means that there is a lot of pressure to get out of the hotel and into a home. While they may like a certain property more, chances are they will choose the move-in ready property before choosing to wait for one that is not. 
  • Proactive landlord. Someone who responds quickly to repair and maintain requests. 
  • An understanding of the military clause. Military families don’t always have more than two weeks notice to move. A landlord’s understanding of the military clause provides insurance to the family that they will be able to make their move without extra dues or unpleasant arguments. 

In addition these qualities, there are also certain tasks landlords should be ready to tackle when renting out their property

  • Obtain a full credit report and comprehensive background check on prospective tenants. MilitaryByOwner recommends using Transunion Smartmove for this. 
  • Prepare contracts and obtain residential rental lease agreements and purchase agreements.
  • Consider US Legal Forms for state-specific landlord/tenant packages. 
  • Once a tenant is moved in, perform regular maintenance and inspection checks. 
  • Leave a household binder in the house. For information what should be in your binder, check out our article Essentials for Your Rental Home Binder

Follow these two sets of tips and you’re on your path to becoming a successful landlord!