How To Update Ad Status on MilitaryByOwner


Here's a quick and easy video on how to update the ad status on your home advertisement. 




You've rented or sold your home, or perhaps you'd just like to take it off the site for a bit.

Here's how to update your ad status.

1. Log in and select View My Property ads.

2. Locate your ad then select the drop down list from the Update Status field.

3. If your property is advertised as For Rent, you'll be able to update the status to Lease Pending, Paused, or Rented. If your property is advertised as For Sale, you'll be able to update the status to Paused, Sold, or Under Contract.

4. Marking your ad status as Rented or Sold removes the advertisement from the website and places it in your Inactive Property Ads. Putting your ad in a Paused status will also take your ad off the website. Your ad run-time will continue to accrue and you’ll have the ability to un-pause your ad and put it back on the site up until the point at which it expires or until you mark it as Rented or Sold. Marking your ad status as Under Contract or Lease Pending will keep it displayed on the site but it lets people know that the home is currently unavailable. People will still be able to contact you with their interest on the chance that the lease falls through or the sale
doesn't close. Once you are sure you've secured a tenant or buyer, you can mark the ad as Rented or Sold.