Video Home Staging Tips from MBO

Home Staging Tips from MBO

Everyone’s goal when selling their home is to sell it as quickly as possible and get the maximum dollar for it. If you follow our blog, you know that furnished homes sell faster than empty ones. Home staging helps you showcase your home at its best so potential buyers will see its value and put in an offer. 

Here are some tips from MilitaryByOwner’s experts to help you stage your home successfully. 

Declutter. Removing excess things in your home will help make your space look bigger and more usable. 

Remove personal items. Potential homebuyers don’t need to see all your personal items. Removing your items will help people envision their own lives in the home. 

Neutralize. If you have bright colors throughout the house, consider painting those rooms a neutral color. Doing this will provide a blank slate for your showings and once again allow families to picture their own belongings positioned within the house.  

Brighten the space. Take down curtains or blinds that filter natural light. Opening the windows will not only brighten the space but also advertise the view each of your rooms have. 

One thing to keep in mind as you home stage is that selling your home is a business transaction. When it comes time to sell your home if you have to think like a buyer. While your home holds many memories for you, sharing those memories with buyers isn’t going to sell your home. You need to let the space speak for itself. When you are able to remove emotions, and neutralize, potential buyers can come in and envision what their lives will look like there and be more likely to place an offer.