Video Create a Virtual Tour Using Animoto

Create a Virtual Home Tour Using Animoto

MilitaryByOwner offers you the ability to upload a virtual tour of your property. If you’re interested in creating a virtual tour of your home Animoto is a great program for you to use. The personal package costs $8 for a monthly subscription and works beautifully in creating a virtual tour of your home.

Animoto’s personal package includes the following features

Resolution. The personal package is 720p resolution, although the business and professional packages include a 1080p resolution. While 1080p is clearly better quality resolution, the personal is demonstrated in the video and as you can see, showcases the property beautifully. 

Design-rich videos styles. They offer over 70 different styles you can choose from to enhance the quality of your virtual tour.

Music. You have access to 500 tracks to add music to your home tour with Animoto's personal video package. 

Features such as voice-over, more music options and a customizable call-to-action button are not included in this package but are available with the professional video package if you find them necessary. 

If you are interested in using Animoto for your virtual home tour you can start your free trial or subscribe to any of their three video packages on their website today.