Relocating/Moving Glossary

Bill of Lading
Your receipt and contract for your home relocation. The bill of lading is extremely important and should travel with you to your new home.

Bulky Items
Items that have an unusually low weight for their size, such as boats, snowmobiles, golf carts, and campers. Moving these items will cost extra due to the additional work involved in transporting them.

The moving company transporting your household goods.

Cash on Delivery, or COD Shipment
A shipment in which the customer pays for the moving services provided at delivery. Typically, payment can be made by several methods; contact your moving company for more information.

A written statement of loss or damage to your household goods while in the care of your moving company.

Declared Valuation
Your statement of the value of the possessions your moving company is shipping.

A sturdy, movers-grade box ideal for packing everyday dishes, china, glassware, and stemware.

The operator of your moving truck and the supervisor of the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking crews.

The approximate cost of your relocation based on the size and weight of your shipment, as well as the origin and destination locations. There are two basic types of estimates, which are described more fully below.

  • Binding estimate – The total of what the home relocation will cost, excluding unanticipated destination services, which is provided to you in advance. Moving companies are contractually required to stand by these estimates. However, if your items weigh less than expected, you will not get a reduction in cost.
  • Non-binding estimate – An approximation of what your home relocation will cost. The final amount you pay could be higher or lower depending on the actual weight of your shipment and the moving services provided.

Federal Moving Regulations
U.S. government laws that regulate moving companies and transportation.

Full-Service Packing
Includes all of the cartons and packing service required and provided.

Full Valuation Protection
The most comprehensive plan available for protection of your goods.

Gross Weight
The weight of the moving truck after your goods are loaded.

Guaranteed Not to Exceed Estimate
An estimate that allows you to pay a lower price if the actual weight is lower than the estimate.

Gypsy Moth Inspection Report
Paperwork required to ensure moving companies have completed an inspection of transported household goods from gypsy moth infested areas. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires an inspection to help prevent the spread of this pest.

High-Value Article
Items valued at more than $100 per pound.

Household Goods
Your personal effects or property used within your home.

In-home Survey
A complete inventory of your belongings conducted by a moving company representative at your home to allow for a comprehensive estimate of relocation costs and services.

Inventory List
A detailed list of everything you are transporting in the moving truck and its pre-move condition. Any exception or damage to your items must be noted on the inventory sheet. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all your belongings are delivered. You must sign the inventory sheet after unloading. If you feel you need more time to inspect your goods, simply write, "signature pending further inspection."

Inventory Process
The method by which your belongings and their existing condition are recorded and identified.

Moving Company
The business that coordinates and conducts the transportation of household goods to your new location.

Moving Crew
Workers from the moving company who load and unload household goods onto the moving truck (includes the moving truck driver).

Moving Plans
The strategy developed to prepare you for your relocation.

Moving Process
The entire course of your relocation that includes planning, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.

Moving Tips
Advice that helps you prepare for a stress-free relocation.

Moving Truck
The vehicle in which household goods are transported to your new location.

Net Weight
The gross weight minus the tare weight.

Order for Service
A document authorizing a moving company to transport your household goods.

Occurs when there is not enough space on the moving truck to load all of your items.

Packing Crew
The employees of the moving company who carefully prepare household goods for relocation using high-quality materials and proven methods.

Packing Service
Preparation of household goods for relocation by a moving company's professional packing crew.

PBO (Packed by Wwner)
Items that are packed by you for moving. If your driver does not feel confident that your self-packed boxes are safe for loading, he/she has the right to open, inspect, and repack/re-tape cartons. (Standard labor charges will apply for this service, unless you've selected the full-pack option.)

A move to a different location.

Relocation Estimate
The approximate cost of your relocation based on the size and weight of your shipment, as well as the origin and destination locations. Also known as an estimate.

Relocation Services
The services provided to you by your moving company including packing and unpacking services, transportation, and storage.

Short Haul Factor
An additional charge applied when actual mileage is less than a defined minimum.

Shuttle Truck
The smaller vehicle that carries items to the moving truck when a moving truck cannot safely complete the pickup or delivery due to physical constraints such as an especially narrow road.

Available space for the safekeeping of household goods.

Storage Facility
A building that provides storage.

Storage Services
The safekeeping of your property by a storage provider.

Your request for temporary storage of your household goods at a service center until delivery. There is a charge for this additional relocation service.

An examination of the goods you plan to move (which is used in preparing the estimate).

Tare Weight
The weight of the moving truck and its contents (such as dollies and protective pads) before your household goods are loaded.

A document identifying provisions and rates for the relocation services performed in your move.

Temporary Storage
Short-term storage

Third-party Services
Relocation services for your move performed by someone other than your moving company, such as prepping and crating a grandfather clock.

Transit Protection
The degree of "worth" of the shipment. Most moving companies offer two levels of liability – basic and full. Also known as valuation.

Transportation Charges
Include charges by weight and mileage, insurance surcharges, fuel surcharges, origin and destination accessorial services, and short haul factor if applicable.

Unpacking Services
Removal of household goods from packing materials by a moving company's professional packing crew

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
The federal agency that oversees interstate transportation, including the shipment of household goods on moving trucks.

The degree of "worth" of the shipment. Most moving companies offer two levels of liability – basic and full. Also known as transit protection.