Military Kids

Month of the Military Child

Resilience, admiration, understanding, and love. These are words military families use to describe children living the military life. 

Our military kids are incredible! They start over with each new duty station, go through their parent's deployments, and learn to adapt as they live all over the world. They're the unsung heroes of military life, and we can learn so much from our nation's military children. 



How amazing are military kids? Well, this is what we heard....





"Raising three boys, looking up to their Navy SEAL father is both my biggest blessing and the scariest task. I have no doubt that they will emulate all the amazing qualities that they see in him and possibly want to follow in his footsteps. I’m just along for the ride, constantly amazed by their own resiliency, courage, and bravery." - Megan












"My oldest child, Knox, moved three times by the time he was four. He truly knows that home is where his family is. Because of us having to move where the military needs us, he has had to make new friends in each new place which he has done beautifully. A love for family and friendship is definitely a character trait I’m happy he possesses." -Elizabeth











"I will never forget the experiences I had growing up while my dad was on active duty. I enjoyed two Tiger Cruises one on the USS Tripoli and the other on the USS Pelleliu." - Ryan





"Raising kids in the military is a little terrifying. I didn't grow up in this environment, so trying to anticipate their concerns and meet their needs can feel exhausting at times. But while it's gut-wrenching to see them say goodbye to Dad and realize that he's been gone for most of our daughter's life, it's also rewarding. They're privileged with opportunity and exposure to cultures outside their own, something I've come to learn is invaluable. And to be honest, I'm learning a lot from these guys." - Danielle








"Anna never would've discovered Irish dance if it hadn't been for military life! She took her first class at age 11 when we were stationed in Germany. She hasn't followed the 'typical' path of a competitive dancer, from starting late, to all the moves and different dance schools. But she has gone on to compete at the World Championships, as well as place in the top three, four years' running at the Southern Region Oireachtas, including winning her age group!" - Jen









"Being a military child is a mixture of excitement and anxiety! Our girls definitely are best friends after years of sharing the experience of moving and exploring new towns and countries. Although changing schools and making new friends while saying goodbye to old ones was always a bit bittersweet, these experiences really shaped them into who they are today. Incredibly compassionate adults who still enjoy traveling but are glad to call one place home; proud of their Military Child life!" - Linda





"Even though this military child’s father has been gone multiple years of her young life, we do the best we can to make up for the absence. It's trips like these to the mountains that take on a more significant meaning. We all get to enjoy must-see locations and try new desserts (like huckleberry ice cream!), memories are photographed, and long overdue reconnections are made. Exploring and traveling are excellent benefits of military life. We’re glad to take advantage of the opportunities as much as possible." - Dawn










"My kids are resilient. And although they are sad about our upcoming move, they’re excited about our new duty station and eager to make new friends!" - Carmen














"Military life wasn't easy at times. The experiences we had as a family are priceless. The boys learned to love meeting new people, and exploring new areas of the U.S. as well as other countries! Military life, bad? Absolutely not, even when the kids would say, "No, not another castle!" Our oldest son's 5th-grade school trip was a week in Switzerland, no, not bad at all!" - Sharon






"Children are resilient, but they are fragile. They’re going to bounce back up from a fall faster than they do from any goodbye, move, or any other big change. Kids born into families with parents in the military face more challenges than the average adult. Building a resilient child isn’t toughening them up, it’s working through their struggles and being there to love them and support them unconditionally." - Naomie










"Our girls experience so many cultures as a result of being military children, and they have thrived in every one of them (even through the struggles). They have so much compassion for what it’s like to be the “new kid” and go out of their way to invite new kids to play. Plus, they're always ready for the next adventure, even when they know that they'll have to say goodbye to everything they love about our current home. We are fortunate to live in a time when they can stay connected to friends when they live far apart. They have learned that life is full of change, and while it is scary, great things can come from it too." - Adrienne





We are happy to honor military kids during April, the Month of the Military Child, and all year long! Military children have our deepest appreciation, admiration, and support. 

Looking for ways to support the military kids in your life? Here are some ideas: 


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