Marketing Your Home for Rent


Marketing Your Home for Rent to Military Families

A fact of life for military families is that they are almost always on the move. If you’re renting or selling a home to a military family, understand their unique traits. Military homes for rent or sale are a special market and because of that uniqueness, MilitaryByOwner can help guide you through the process and make it much easier and effective.

Marketing anything is a process of letting the right people know what you have available. Put military homes for rent in front of the right families, and you’ll find a pool of tenants who need to live in the area. We can list your rental home and help you find the right family to live there! Here are a few tips to get you started on the right foot. 

Remember some characteristics that set military families apart. 

1) Military members will need to live near their assigned installation. 

Military homes for rent near the base are usually rented in a very short time. Clearly indicate in your listing the proximity to the military installation. You can even provide some information on the commute between your property and the base. 

2) Their income is easily verifiable. 

You’ll be able to verify quickly military member’s income along with their BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing). 

3) They move frequently and are on shorter timetables. 

With their compressed house hunting time, military families will typically make a decision to rent quickly and will be ready for move-in. 

Many service members are also homeowners, renting out their property in another state. You will normally find that these families do not destroy your property as can happen in other instances. Remember, too,  that your place will rent more easily if you keep it in good repair, with fresh paint and clean floors. 

4) Military families frequently have families that include small children

To accommodate the potential tenant that has small children, include some information on the schools in the area and any playgrounds or other facilities for the kids.

Keeping these characteristics in mind, making it easy to find military homes for rent is the key marketing idea for property owners near military installations. An economical and effective way to list your property is to use MilitaryByOwner to reach out to the military in the area. 

Take a look at the advertising packages we offer. The Home Tour Plus package, our most popular package, includes up to 40 photos of your property in the listing. Since many potential applicants will be coming from outside the area, the inclusion of photos is a very strong plus so they can get an idea of whether the home will fit their needs before they ever see it in person. Real estate professionals will tell you that photos are among the most effective selling tools that you can include in your marketing approach. Make certain that the photos showcase your property in the best possible light and you’ll find a greater response from potential tenants. 

Further support includes signs that you can use to identify the property from the street. Just as online listings will attract potential tenants looking from somewhere else in the country, neighbors will see your sign and may pass along the information to their  friends and co-workers. If you’re in an area with many military families, it is not uncommon for these signs to be one of the most effective ways to let it be known that your place is available. 

With a little effort and the use of a frequently used website like MilitaryByOwner, the results can be a steady stream of reliable tenants for your property. Click here for testimonials!

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