19 Actions To Apply for the Con/ & Ext. HAP

136Ensure your elegibility by carefully reviewing the requirements and deadlines listed at http://hap.usace.army.mil/home.html
Complete DD Form 1607, which can be downloaded from http://hap.usace.army.mil/Documents/Application_Package.pdf
Assemble the following information:

1.Orders to the location of the home requiring assistance.

2. Orders out of the location of the home.

3. Deed of the home

4. Proof of Occupancy (utility bill, statement)

5.  Copy of the Bill of Loading or DITY paperwork

6.  Sign the Privacy Act Statement included with the application

7.  Sign the Right of Entry Form included with the application

8.  Copy of the HUD-1 Form from the closing when you purchased the home

9.  Provide contact information for a POC, other than yourself or spouse, that can be reached if you are not available.

10. Power of Attorney if you do not intend to attend the closing

11. Private Sale Augmentation, justification that you cannot sell the home for  an amount equal to or greater than the loans that are on the home.

12. Proof of attempt to sell the home, rquired for conventional HAP only

13. Authorization and Release of Mortgage Information

14. Copy of All mortgages and Promissary Notes

15. Refinanced Mortgages, if applicable

16. For mobile homes, you must prove that the home has been permanently affixed to the property

17. Short sales must provide of the HUD 1 and the Deficiency Letter from the lender

18. Purchase contract

19. Record of any and all home improvements.