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El Centro NAF Housing:

Military housing at El Centro NAF is privatized.  Housing consists of 101 homes within 2 communities serving the Naval Air Facility at El Centro. It is managed by Lincoln Military Housing – (760) 352-2110.  Be sure to check in with the NAF El Centro Housing Service Center - (760) 339-2921/2920.

House Hunting:

Homes for sale and houses for rent near El Centro NAF - El Centro NAF Homes

Arrival Lodging:

Base lodging and local hotels for initial lodging needs – El Centro NAF Lodging

Base Location:

El Centro NAF is located in the heart of Southern California's Imperial Valley and is about a 15 minute drive from the Mexican border.  The town of El Centro lies about 9 miles east of the facility, and if you continue east you will hit Holtville, CA at about a 20 mile distance.  The town of Imperial is East and slightly north of the base at around 11 miles away and if you continue on you will hit Brawley at about 15 miles distance. The small town of Seeley lies to the southwest around 3 miles from the base. 

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