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Pine Bluff Arsenal

Pine Bluff Arsenal Housing:

Government family housing is available with 44-single family units for active duty Army and other qualified service personnel assigned to the installation. Housing consists of 10 four-bedroom units which are designated for field grade officers, 14 three-bedroom units designated for junior officers, and 20 for senior NCOs.
Pine Bluff Arsenal Housing Office: (870) 540-3989

Pine Bluff Arsenal Off-Post Housing:

Homes for sale and houses for rent near Pine Bluff Arsenal – Pine Bluff Arsenal Homes


Arrival Lodging:

Base lodging and local hotels for initial lodging needs – Pine Bluff Arsenal Lodging

Base Location:

Pine Bluff Arsenal is  located in southeast Arkansas approximately 8 miles northwest of the city of Pine Bluff, and 35 miles southeast of the city of Little Rock, AR.  The city of White Hall, AR is just below the Arsenal.  About 50 miles separates Pine Bluff Arsenal which is south of Little Rock, from Little Rock AFB which is north of the city center.


"We have been using for four years. We recommend this servie to any military member, active duty or retiring to look for a home to rent or buy..." Alison

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