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Samuel Sheen (Retired Military)

Sheen Real Estate Professionals

General Information
AdNumber: MBOB18624
Name: Samuel Sheen
Company: Sheen Real Estate Professionals
Address 1: 28210 Paseo Dr. Ste# 190-138
Address 2: Ste 190-138
City: Wesley Chapel
State: FL
Zip: 33543
Phone: 813-474-8804
Cell: 813-474-8804
MacDill AFB, FL
Other Bases Served
Coast Guard Clearwater, FL
Orlando Naval Base, FL
Jacksonville NAS, FL

Why Choose Me

Description of Services: We offer comprehensive property management services, ensuring your investment is well cared for and profitable. Our tenant relations team maintains positive relationships, addressing needs promptly for a smooth rental experience. We provide timely maintenance and repairs to keep your property in excellent condition, minimizing downtime.

Our financial management services include detailed reporting, budget management, and rent collection, giving you peace of mind and clear insights into your investment’s performance. We use strategic marketing and leasing techniques to attract high-quality tenants and minimize vacancies.

Legal compliance is a priority; we ensure your property adheres to all regulations, protecting you from potential legal issues. Our 24/7 emergency services handle any urgent situations, keeping your property and tenants secure. We also offer customized management plans tailored to your specific needs, whether you have a single property or a large portfolio, ensuring personalized and effective management.

Experience: With six years of dedicated experience in real estate property management, I have successfully managed a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties. My expertise includes comprehensive tenant relations, ensuring satisfaction and retention through prompt issue resolution and effective communication. I excel in strategic marketing and leasing, consistently attracting high-quality tenants and minimizing vacancies.

My strong financial management skills encompass detailed reporting, budget oversight, and efficient rent collection, providing property owners with clear and actionable insights. I prioritize property maintenance and repairs, coordinating timely interventions to maintain property value and tenant satisfaction.

Throughout my career, I have ensured strict compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, safeguarding property owners from legal complications. My commitment to 24/7 emergency services guarantees immediate response to any urgent issues, protecting both property and tenants.

I tailor my management approach to meet the unique needs of each property, from single units to large portfolios, delivering personalized and effective solutions.


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