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Cheyenne Mountain Air Station

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station Relocation Information 


Photo from Cheyenne Mountain SFS, CO

Welcome to Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station 

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station is one of the most unusual installations in the world in terms of its design. It's housed 2,000 feet into the mountain and is a joint and bi-national military organization consisting of personnel from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Space Force, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Canadian Forces. In 2008, the command at Cheyenne Mountain became the official NORAD and USNORTHCOM Alternate Command Center and a training site for crew qualification. Day-to-day crew operations for NORAD and USNORTHCOM typically occur at Peterson Space Force Base



Photo from Cheyenne Mountain SFS, CO

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station falls under the U.S. Space Force and hosts the activities of several tenant units such as the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), U.S. Strategic Command, and U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) with the mission to support  NORAD in aerospace warning and aerospace control and provide warning of ballistic missile or air attacks against North America.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station 


Photo from North Atlantic Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

1) In what city is Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station located, and are tours available?  

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station is located on the southwest side of Colorado Springs. Public tours of Cheyenne Mountain are not currently available.   

2) What is the zip code for Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station, CO? 

The zip code for Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station is 80906.  Other nearby zip codes include 80921, 80908, and 80924.

3) What is the BAH for Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station? 

BAH for Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station ranges from $2,079 for E-1 to $2,556 for E-9 with dependents, and $2,286  for O-1 to $2,814 for O-7 with dependents. See housing section for more info. 

4) Where do families stationed at Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station live?  

The majority of families live in Colorado Springs. Nearby alternate options include Monument, Peyton, Calhan, Palmer Lake, Fountain, and Falcon. Some families choose to live in private military housing within the Tierra Vista Communities on Peterson SFB.

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Base Location and Information

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Official Site

Nearby military installations:


Arrival Lodging 

Lodging can be found at nearby Peterson SFB.


Lodging contact info:

Air Force Inns Peterson SFB

Bldg. 1042

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80914


Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station Base Housing 

Terra Vista Communities

Photo from Terra Vista Communities Peterson SFB

On-base military housing is not available at Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station. Personnel stationed here may be eligible for privatized base housing at nearby Peterson SFB.


Housing contact info:


Peterson SFB Base Housing Office


650 McChord Street

Bldg 1098

Peterson SFB, CO 80914 


Tiera Vista Communities Peterson AFB

650 McChord St

Colorado Springs, CO 80916


Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station Off-Base Housing 


Photo by Trinity Nguyen on Unsplash

Homes for sale and houses for rent near Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station - Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station Homes for Sale and Houses for Rent

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station BAH Information 

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a U.S.-based allowance determined by geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. It provides uniformed servicemembers compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets when government quarters are not provided. Learn more about your Basic Allowance for Housing.

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station is near Colorado Springs, CO, with many options to buy or rent. The Cheyenne Mountain SFS BAH is close to the cost of living in the area. Some sample Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station BAH rates for zip code 80906: 

  • E-1 with dependents:  $2,079
  • E-1 without dependents: $1,638
  • E-9 with dependents: $2,556
  • E-9 without dependents: $2,229
  • O-1 with dependents: $2,286
  • O-1 without dependents: $1,878
  • O-7 with dependents: $2,814
  • O-7 without dependents: $2,535

Support for Military and Families 

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Things to Do Near Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station 


Photo by Jonathan Bottoms on Unsplash

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Open year-round and always a family fun adventure!  Enjoy close up experiences and animal demos plus carousel rides or a Mountaineer Sky Ride.  At “America’s Mountain Zoo,” you will be able to visit a giraffe herd, native Rocky mountain animals, and also have up close views of Nile hippos and African penguins.  

Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun: Part of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you can climb 8,136 feet to the top deck of the shrine for breathtaking views of Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak Region, and Eastern Plains.

The Garden of Gods Nature Center: Registered National Natural Landmark featuring dramatic views such as 300- foot sandstone rock formations against the backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak and brilliant blue skies. Visit the state of the art visitor center, attend year round events, visit the Geo Trekker theater, or take Jeep, trolley, Segway, or bike tours. Something for everyone!  

Peterson Air and Space Museum: Located in the original historic municipal airport building of Peterson SFB, including the original Passenger Terminal, City Hangar, and Broadmoor Hangar all with exhibits inside. 

Ghost Town Museum: Created in 1954 to preserve Colorado’s Wild West Heritage, the museum has something for the whole family: butter churning, old time arcades, panning for gold, and gift shop.

More Area Info 

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Base Address:

Cheyenne Mountain AS
Colorado Springs , 80906