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AdNumber: MBOB9087
Name: Lori D.
Company: MILLIE Scouts
City: Shreveport
State: LA
Zip: 71129
Phone: 571-389-8588


  • Barksdale AFB, LA

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Description of Services: After 14 PCS's, one Retirement, and a Civilian PCS, I can help you navigate practically any issue within the move process! My husband is a retired Colonel (25 yrs, USAF). We've been pretty much all around the country, and trust me, I have an opinion and a network for just about each place we lived or visited. I've amassed years of tips/do's/don'ts, and I will be a valuable asset to you when it's your time to pack up and head out yet again. We've rented, owned, and lived on base. We've done DITY moves, partial DITY, full PCS, and 2 PCA's. I speak fluent "military-ese", and know my way around base. I know who to talk to, and how to get the job done. I can check out daycare providers, schools, recreation activities, churches, doctors/dentists,


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