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Top Ten Reasons to Love MCAS YUMA!


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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma


Yuma MCAS Housing:


Military housing at Marine Corps Station Yuma is privatized. There are a total of 821 homes offered within two communities; one is on-base serving E1-O5, the other is off-base by about 6 miles in the 16th Street housing community.  Housing is managed by Lincoln Military Housing - (928) 344-1240. 
Yuma MCAS Government Housing Office: (928) 269-2826.  

Yuma MCAS Off-Base Housing:

Homes for sale and houses for rent near Yuma MCAS – Yuma MCAS Homes

Arrival Lodging:

Base lodging and local hotels for initial lodging needs – Yuma MCAS Lodging 

Base Location:

MCAS Yuma is a joint civilian-military airport located approximately 2 miles from the city of Yuma, Arizona. MCAS Yuma shares facilities with Yuma International Airport.

Base Address:

Building 1080, Martini Avenue
Yuma MCAS , 85369