Company History

Our Beginning

MilitaryByOwner was the result of a conversation my father and I had over Christmas, 1999.  I was commenting that a disadvantage of constantly moving was the difficulty in building equity in a home during a normal three year tour. We discussed the pros and cons of renting and military housing.  I voiced my desire to purchase another property, but agreed that owning a home for a short period of time had many disadvantages. He asked me if the military had a program to link-up service members selling or hunting for a home. I didn't know of any at the time, and as a result my wife Sharon and I started on this venture.

We surfed the web and found dozens of "for sale by owner" websites. Many were nationwide, while others emphasized a particular region. What we didn't find was a page that had the focus we thought was needed to support this particular niche.


MilitaryByOwner will provide a comprehensive low cost means for military members and their families to advertise their homes for sale or rent. The service will be provided throughout the entire year and will encompass all locations where military members may be stationed to include overseas assignments. MilitaryByOwner will aggressively advertise across the web and other military periodicals as well as leverage web based search engine postings in order to attract military personnel and the general public to this site to ensure success.


Our vision for MilitaryByOwner is to be the first place a military service member goes to place an advertisement online. We will leverage a powerful existing network. That network encompasses former and present military service members, their families, and the communities that support them. By use of the internet we will "link-up" buyers and sellers of homes along with landlords and prospective tenants. We will provide this service at a reasonable price with outstanding customer service.


"We found our renter via web and was rented fast. I listed my home in the end of August, and I had over 470 hits and many of them v..." Rahel
Virginia Beach, VA

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