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Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church

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Welcome to Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church!


The Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church (DHHQ) located in Falls Church, Virginia, is part of the main Defense Health Agency (DHA). The DHA is a joint agency that supports health care offered through the Military Health System (MHS) throughout the Department of Defense and across the country.


The DHHQ serves nearly 10 million servicemembers, families, and retirees through military treatment facilities and private care. Its mission is to provide a medically ready force in both peace and wartime. 


The DHHQ facility is three interconnected buildings that were completed between 1950 and1980. They were recently redesigned to house the latest DHHQ requirements. Several medical and defense elements are housed in the complex to make up a collection of medical professionals that provide Department of Defense force protection requirements.


Moving to the Pentagon? Download your free guide to the area below!





Frequently Asked Questions About Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church


1) Where is DHHQ located? 

The headquarters is in Falls Church, Virginia, about 15 miles to the west of Washington, D.C. 


2) Is there a difference between Falls Church and Falls Church City?

Yes. Falls Church is in Fairfax County and operates under their government. Falls Church City is separate and has a different governing body. 


3) Does DHHQ have base housing?

DHHQ doesn't offer base housing. Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling and Fort Belvoir are the closest military bases with housing. Most servicemembers stationed at DHHQ rent or buy homes in Falls Church, Annandale, Arlington, Springfield, and some parts of Alexandria.  


4) What is the zip code for DHHQ, Falls Church, Virginia? 

The zip code for the DHHQ is 22042. Other nearby zip codes include 22043, 22044, and 22046.


5) What is the BAH for DHHQ? 

The BAH for DHHQ ranges from $2,811 for E-1 to $3,882 for E-9 with dependents, and from $ 2,943 for O-1 to $4,293 for O-7 with dependents. See the housing section for more info


Base Location & Information

Official Site: Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church



Falls Church Community Center

The DHHQ campus is located in Falls Church, Fairfax County, Virginia, right off the Route 50 exit of the 495 Beltway, which makes for easy commuting for family members who work nearby, but especially for dual military members working at the Mark Center Complex in Alexandria and the Pentagon. Both are less than 10 miles away.   


Military families who live in Falls Church love the small-town feel that stems from a large collection of farmer’s markets, local concerts, and indie bookstores, and the like. But, they also appreciate the city’s convenient location to major expressways and everyday amenities that include national name-brand stores as well as local mom and pop shops. 


Nearby cities include Springfield and Annandale to the south, Burke to the southwest, and Oakton to the west by about 5 miles. Further west, you’ll find Chantilly and Centreville. Tysons Corner and McLean are just north of the campus. Any one of these cities has all of the trappings (dining, shopping, entertainment) of a major metropolitan area, including frustrating traffic. 


Commutes are a significant factor when living in the Washington, D.C. area, whether driving, riding the Metro or a bus, or “slugging.” Riding the Metro is an essential part of life in D.C. Consider choosing where to live based on the closest Metro stop, East Falls Church Station. Those  using public transportation regularly, should invest in a reloadable SmartTrip card for Metro Train and Metro Bus fares.


D.C. Area Military Bases



Nearby military installations:

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Arrival Lodging


HG Army Hotels Wainwright Hall - Historia


 There is no DHHQ lodging. However, incoming service members and their family can find other area military lodging at nearby installations: 


Fort Belvoir 

Holiday Inn Express Knadle Hall

9775 Gaillard Rd

Building 70

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

(703) 704-8600


Staybridge Suites Building 1280

9215 Woodbury Road 

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

(703) 844-0303


Joint Base Andrews

Air Force Inns

Lodging Office/Presidential Inn

1380 California Avenue

Andrews AFB, MD 20762

(301) 981-4614


Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall

Wainwright Hall

318 Jackson Avenue, Building 50

Fort Myer, VA 22211

(703) 696-3576


Navy Lodge Washington D.C.

JB Anacostia-Bolling

12 Beyers Road

Washington, D.C. 20032

(202) 563-6950





Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church Housing


Military housing is not available at the Defense Health Headquarters in Falls Church. However, the National Capital Region has a huge military community and there are many off-base housing options. Please see information below for homes near Defense Health Headquarters.

Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church Off-Base Housing

View homes for sale and houses for rent near Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church


Homes for Sale, Houses to Rent in Falls Church, VA

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Aside from those coming from expensive locations like San Diego or Hawaii that require residents to budget for high-cost of living, military families coming to the area may want to prepare savings accounts to adjust to rental and home buying costs. There isn’t a shortage of neighborhoods to choose from, and each has a unique setting, feel, vibe, and pro/con list. 


Enlist the help of an experienced real estate agent in the area for both a home sale and rental home search. Homes move quickly in Northern Virginia, and new residents lean on  professionals for all the help they can get. 



Base Search

City Search


Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church BAH


The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a U.S.based allowance determined by geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. It provides uniformed servicemembers compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets when government quarters are not provided. Learn more about your Basic Allowance for Housing.


DHHQ is near the National Capital Region with many options to buy or rent. Some sample BAH rates for Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church zip code 22042:


  • E-1 with dependents: $2811
  • E-1 without dependents: $2169
  • E-9 with dependents: $3882
  • E-9 without dependents: $3120
  • O-1 with dependents: $2943
  • O-1 without dependents: $2736
  • O-7 with dependents: $4293
  • O-7 without dependents: $3864

Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church Area Weather


Image from Falls Church Home & Garden Tour

In Northern Virginia, all four seasons are represented. So get ready to go shopping! In and around the National Capital Region, residents need all the gear, from shorts and bug spray to shovels and winter boots. The good news is that if a heatwave or cold front sets in, it usually heads out in a week or two.


Weather forecasters often use I-95 as a dividing line to describe transitioning weather. Areas north and west of D.C. take on weather from the Shenandoah Mountains.  East of the city, the weather is influenced by coastal weather patterns.


Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church Area Schools



Image from Falls Church City Public Schools


The DHHQ does not operate public schools. However, the entire Northern Virginia region is packed with top-ranked schools. You won’t have a problem finding a good school; you’ll have trouble narrowing the choices. Consider reaching out to Fort Belvoir’s Student Liaison Officer for help with questions about local public and private schools. 


Fort Belvoir’s Student Liaison Officer 

9800 Belvoir Road

BLDG 200

Fort Belvoir, VA, Virginia 22060

(703) 805-1350


If you’d like to research nearby public school systems, start with: 

If you’re interested in private schools, check out the information at Private School Review. Homeschool families should follow the Virginia’s Department of Education homeschool regulations. 


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Support for Military and Families

Looking for work in NOVA

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There isn’t a better region among military destinations for military spouses to take advantage of the incredible number of resources designed specifically for them. The area provides outlets to examine education opportunities, career resources, and volunteerism for the multitude of worthy causes for both military and non-military-related organizations. 


Work Life

These are some of the most popular job categories in the area. 

  • Politics
  • PR and Communication
  • Military
  • Economics
  • Security 
  • Tourism and Hospitality


It’s pretty common to move to a new duty station and begin volunteering. Volunteer positions build social and professional networks while serving the community. So pick your favorite and jump into helping others.


Sometimes, a PCS cycle offers the perfect opportunity to head back to school, either to finish a degree or to pursue something new. Take a look at some of the higher education around DHHQ.



More Helpful Links

Military life requires support. Take advantage of the programs designed for servicemembers and their families. 



Defense Health Headquarters Falls Church Area Things to Do



Image from Falls Church City 


Around the DHHQ, the site-seeing, tourist, and dining options are endless. It’s best to make a list of your top choices and commit to a schedule. Time flies! 


  • Historic Falls Church: The Falls Church was founded in 1734, and attendees included President George Washington and Virginia Statesman George Mason.
  • Cherry Hill Farmhouse: Dine in an authentic 1845 farmhouse that survived the Civil War and maintains its 18th and 19th century furniture.
  • Falls Church City Parks: There are 14 city parks in Falls Church. Many have playgrounds, ball courts, and trails.
  • The State Theater: Originally a popular 1930’s movie house, it converted into a live music venue in the 1990s.
  • Creative Cauldron: A center for the arts with a 95-seat theater and art gallery.
  • Eden Center: It’s the largest Vietnamese shopping center on the East Coast, with 120 family-owned restaurants, shops, and supermarkets.
  • W & OD Trail: Hike the 45-mile route along the former railroad. The asphalt surfaced paved trail takes you through populated urban, suburban, and rural areas.  
  • Taco Bamba: A local chain and residents’ favorite. The stand-up counter serves Mexican street food and tacos.
  • Spacebar: Who wants a beer and specialty grilled cheese?
  • Northside Social Falls Church: The locals go for coffee and pastries in the morning, devour pizza and wine in the evenings, and crave brunch on the weekends.

More Area Info

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Base Address:

7700 Arlington Boulevard
Falls Church , 22041