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General Information
AdNumber: MBOB9818
Name: Jenna
Company: MILLIE Scouts
City: Fort Lee
State: VA
Zip: 23112
Fort Lee, VA
Other Bases Served
UVA JAG School and NGIC Charlottesville, VA

Why Choose Me

Description of Services: Congrats on your upcoming assignment and adventure in Virginia! As a military spouse of 24 years with ten PCS moves (both stateside and overseas) under my belt, I am keenly aware of all aspects of the PCS process and the challenges that may present during this season. It is my goal as a Millie Scout to leverage this knowledge and experience to your advantage to ease that transition into Virginia for you.

In addition to assisting with the many tasks associated with a military PCS, I can also offer assistance with the many tasks associated with being an off site landlord with over ten years of direct experience as a landlord myself.

While my focus is primarily Fort Lee (current location) and surrounding areas in Virginia, I am extremely mobile with most of Virginia's military installations within reach for me; to include remote assignments like Charlottesville, VA (JAG/NGIC) where I previously spent four years.

Ready to calm the PCS storm just a bit? Fab, let's get started!



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