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AdNumber: MBOB18432
Name: Joseph
Company: Clear Vision Realty
Address 1: 1145 E 4600 S
City: South Ogden
State: UT
Zip: 84415
Phone: 801-725-4830
Hill AFB, UT
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Description of Services: Northern Utah REALTOR® Joseph Della Cerra brings positive solutions to the business of real estate.
As Principal Broker of Clear Vision Realty, Joseph does more than manage rental properties and help property owners sell. By seeing options and solutions where others see problems, he has also helped numerous home and apartment owners in Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake Counties avoid foreclosure and retain equity in their properties.

Experience: Joseph attributes his success, both as a REALTOR® and as a property manager, to his construction experience and to relationship-building skills in keeping himself and others accountable that he developed in his prior work as a Operations transportation manager.
In his youth, he worked in construction, learning about and working on everything from foundations and framing, to plumbing and electrical systems, to interior and exterior finish work, to roofing and landscaping.
Consequently, he understands the terminology and how to recognize and handle issues that affect a building, its structural integrity, and its salability. He can talk easily with contractors and thus develop relationships built on mutual respect. They know he will authorize only the repairs and renovations that are necessary and will hold them accountable for the quality of their work.
As a manager, he learned to set expectations and goals and to hold employees accountable while also keeping them happy and satisfied with their jobs. It’s a balancing act he does well. Now he uses the same approach when working with tenants. He sets expectations with regard to rent payments and care of the home.


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