Very useful site! Used time and time again!

Brittani F

 "I have been a happy and satisfied customer of MilitaryByOwner for over 10 years and the customer service and quality tenants I have had couldn't be better. "

Sanders Moody

I am a customer for life- its the only place I advertise now because my tenants always end up coming from here or from a Realtor. This site i my best chance of finding someone

Middletown, RI

 I love you guys!

Kelly Kreis

 We've been using Militarybyowner.com for years to keep renters in our property in Florida.


 We love Military By Owner! We've been using you for over 6 years, both to rent and to place our homes for rent.  Thank you! Alba


We use you everytime we move!  Thankyou! 


 My house got 54 looks with in less than a week and got new contract with in a week...thank you and this will be my number one sight to go to when I place an add for my rental properties.

Virginia Beach, VA

We advertised on other sites and had no activity for months. I put my house in militarybyowner.com and that first weekend I had 6 families see my home, and I sold it that weekend!


We always use your site to rent our house near PAX River. We know lots of realtors who use your site as well. It's awesome!

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