Video Tips for Decorating Small Houses


Tips for Decorating Small Houses

Military families are experts at living a transient lifestyle particularly when it comes to making a multitude of houses into a home. Whether you choose to live in military housing on base or off base in a rental, each home you move into will be different from the last. You may even find it challenging to personalize and make the best of your new space especially if you are moving into a small home.

If you find yourself challenged settling into your small home here are 3 creative ways to make it feel cozy and beautiful.

Add a pop of color. Paint is not permanent and is one of the easiest updates you can make to your space without taking away space.

Choose multi-functional furniture. You don’t have a lot of space so the furniture you do bring into your new home must serve multiple purposes. For example, a small hutch could serve as a bar, writing desk, and storage.

Bring life into the room. Plants bring life and vitality into a space that may otherwise be dull and lifeless. If you feel up to it, consider having an aquarium to bring even more life into the home.

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