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MilitaryByOwner Company Overview

MilitaryByOwner was founded in 2000 with the goal of making Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves a little less stressful for military families by helping them sell, buy and rent homes.

Contrary to its name, MilitaryByOwner is not just for military members. We offer our services to anyone who is interested in finding a home that is for rent or  sale near a military installation. Anyone can actually go on and use the site. This includes non-military people, real estate agents, property managers, and, of course, military families.

We offer three different residential advertising packages. The Home Tour Plus, The Home Tour, and The Basic Package. We recommend using The Home Tour Plus package. It is our most popular; it includes 40 pictures and it puts your advertisement at the very top of the list.

But MilitaryByOwner does not just offer residential advertisements, you can also advertise your business with us. The type of businesses that can advertise themselves on MilitaryByOwner are real estate agents, property managers, mortgage lenders, child care, kennels, and really anything that can be helpful to someone that is moving to a new area and searching for a home.

In addition, we have great links on our website for tenant screening tools and legal forms for you to use when selling or renting your home. That way you have all the resources you need in one place,

Our main objective at MilitaryByOwner is to stay in constant contact with families in the military community. One of the main ways we do this is by attending military expos and events across the country. We are also very active on social media and email marketing.

To increase our networking community and go beyond advertising, MilitaryByOwner offers a company blog and free Ebooks. They each feature articles full of extremely helpful information. You name it, we have it!

Ultimately, our goal here at MilitaryByOwner is to connect with fellow military families and try to eliminate a great deal of stress associated with making a military move and we feel that we are accomplishing that. At the end of 2015 we had over 5 million visitors to the site generating over tens of millions of pageviews of people looking for homes.

We have become very successful at making people successful at advertising their homes and we are proud to share that!