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Home Advertiser Testimonials

MilitaryByOwner works to help military families meet their real estate goals. That means that whether a family is looking for a place to buy, sell or rent, MilitaryByOwner is there to help you do that. Which includes allowing real estate professionals, property managers and homeowners use our site to advertise property.

Here are a few words from a couple of MilitaryByOwner’s homeowners.

Trung Brill

I was new to the military spouse community so I had no idea of the ins and outs of the military. When I saw this bright, yellow sign as I was driving through one of the neighborhoods it caught my eye and that’s how I discovered

We chose to advertise our home on because it allowed for us to not only rent our home but with the option to sell our home and that was very important to us.

We didn't have to create two different ads and we were able to do it all on one site.

We were able to get multiple inquiries within a couple of hours of listing our home on the site with photos.  

Darrin Downs

I’ve been using MilitaryByOwner for the last ten years. I’ve had five military families in there and have had great success at renting out my property.

There is very little time that my properties sit vacant using MilitaryByOwner now and for the last ten years.

It seems like I’m juggling people moving out as the next people are moving in.

It’s a great website, it’s easy to use. They save your information so every time you go back on you don’t have to re-plug your home’s information and you don’t have to re-plug in how close you are to the nearest military base.

As the military people move in and out every two years, I don’t have to re-do the ad all over again. I can pretty much just plug and play so it makes the website really user friendly.  

If you are a homeowner and interested in advertising your property on MilitaryByOwner, take a look at our Residential Property Advertisements!