Video Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make - Pt 2


Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series we discussed the daunting task of selling a home and a couple common mistakes home sellers often make.

For Part 2 of this series, we share with you two more common mistakes home sellers make and how to avoid them.

Withholding information. As with any situation, honesty is the best policy. Withholding information from potential buyers can result in one of two things. Your buyers could choose to renegotiate or even pull out of the sale altogether.

Showing your home empty. You may think that showing your house empty would help potential buyers picture their own belongings in the space but it’s actually the opposite. Homes that are furnished and staged often sell faster. People want to picture how their furniture look in your home and seeing yours will help them have a better idea of the space they are working with.

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