Video Avoid Losing Things During a Move - Pt 1


How to Avoid Losing Things During a Move Part 1

Making a move with the military is not short of frustrations. We deal with uprooting our lives, finding new jobs, schools, churches and friends but perhaps one of the most frustrating things about moving is realizing that some of your beloved items were left behind or missing.

For Part 1 of this two-part series, we have one simple tip to help you avoid losing any of your belongings.

Pack one room at a time. Isolating your packing to one room rather than multiple at a time leads to fewer misplaced items. This means that instead of packing by specific items like decor, pictures, or furniture, you will pack by room and label your boxes accordingly. Not only will you have a smaller potential for losing any items but it will also make unpacking considerably easier when you make it to your next duty-station.

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