Video Signs It's Time to Downsize

Signs It's Time to Downsize

Every homeowner asks themselves if it’s time to downsize at least once. Maybe your kids are getting ready to move out, your house just feels too big or you don’t seem to belong in your neighborhood anymore. You may be wondering if it’s time to downsize. But how do you really know when it is time?

Here are 2 signs that indicate it is time for you to downsize your home. 

Feel overwhelmed. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the upkeep and payments of your current house, you may consider downsizing to a new property. Either look for something that has outdoor maintenance included or something less expensive to accommodate your changing budget. 

Empty rooms. If you notice spaces empty within your house that serve no purpose to you or your family, it is a good indicator that it’s time to move into a smaller home. Not only do you not need the extra space but you are also paying to heat and cool empty rooms. 

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