Video Raising Children on a Military Base

Raising Your Children on a Military Base

Each time we make a move with the military, we have a choice. Do we want to live on base or off? Making the decision to move onto a military installation comes with careful consideration. Many parents are hesitant because they’re not sure what type of environment the base will provide for their children. 

Here are 2 things you should know about raising your children on base. 

Don’t let them roam around unsupervised. Even though military bases are some of the safest places to be, you should not let your children go wander alone. While their safety may not be entirely in question, your service-member could receive disciplinary action if your children were to cause any problems on base. 

Your children will rarely be bored. Military bases are full of fun activities and social events for your children to get involved with so you’ll always have something to do. If you’re new to the base, check out the base website and the community boards at the commissary, exchange and gym! 

If you have more questions about whether or not living on base is right for you and your family check out 

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