Video Enjoy a Staycation

Enjoy a Staycation

We all need a vacation every once in awhile. We need a break in our daily routine, from school, and from work. Vacations allow us to take time off, explore a new area and allow ourselves some space to breathe. However, sometimes our budgets and varying schedules make it impossible to take a traditional vacation. If this is the case for you, consider enjoying a staycation and enjoy your time off at home!  

Here are some tips for enjoying a great staycation this year. 

Set some ground rules. Will you use this time off work at home to accomplish tasks around your house or will you truly be in vacation mode and spend your time relaxing? Is it a time for just family or will you enjoy time with friends as well? Setting these ground rules prior to your staycation will help you relax during your time at home rather than feel stressed that you’re not spending your time wisely. 

Make sure that everyone gets to relax. Don’t let yourself of anyone else be riddled with chores during your staycation. Consider ordering in rather than making dinner or creating a clean up system if you do decide to cook. 

Minimize distractions. Set up an automated email response so that you don’t have to reply work emails while enjoying your staycation. If you family is all together, consider putting your phone on silent and leaving it in another room entirely. You don’t need anything distracting you or your family from your vacation at home. 

Relaxing vacations don’t have to cost a lot of money. A staycation can save your budget and allow you to have time off work to relax at home. 

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