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Dover AFB Housing:

Military housing at Dover AFB is privatized.  It is managed by Hunt Family Housing, Eagle Heights & Eagle Meadows – (888) 696-3194.

Be sure to check in with the Dover AFB Housing Management Office for housing details: (302) 677-6969,  DSN 445-6969

Dover AFB Off-Base Housing:

Homes for Sale and Houses for Rent near Dover AFB - Dover AFB Homes

Arrival Lodging:

Base lodging and local hotels for initial lodging needs – Dover AFB Lodging

Base Location:

Dover AFB is located approximately two miles southeast of the city center of Dover, DE.  Washington D.C., Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, and Wilmington DE are all within a 2-hour commute of the base.  Located approximately 5 miles south of Dover AFB is the city of Magnolia, and if you continue south you will pass Frederica, Lynch Heights, Milford, and finally Lincoln, DE located about 20 miles from the base.  Approximately 5 miles west of Dover AFB is the city of Camden, DE and if you continue heading southwest from Camden, you will reach Felton, DE with its city center at approximately 13 miles distance  from Dover AFB.

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