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General Information

AdNumber: MBOB9048
Name: Kathy
Company: Millie Scouts
City: Williamsburg
State: VA
Zip: 23185
Phone: 571-389-8588


  • JBLE Fort Eustis, VA

Other Bases Served

  • Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, VA

Why Choose Me

Description of Services: Welcome to the surrounding area of FT Eustis, Virginia. What a wonderful area you have chosen. As a military spouse of 30 years I have done it all regarding moving. I have packed up and shown up at the next duty station without my husband. I have sent my husband ahead of us and he has found us a place to rent. We have rented sight unseen, bought and sold homes. I feel that your unique PCS experience will be something I most certainly can relate to. Best advice I can offer, do your research and hire a Scout to do the leg work. I look forward to hearing from you so I can help you and your family find the perfect home in Virginia.


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