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AdNumber: MBOB9084
Name: Kitty
Company: Millie Scouts
City: Alexandria
State: VA
Zip: 22307
Phone: 571-389-8588
Cell: 210-569-3900


  • Fort Belvoir, VA

Other Bases Served

  • Pentagon, VA

Why Choose Me

Description of Services: My name is Kitty and I have been enjoying the military life for fourteen years.

As an Army family of five, we have lived in Texas twice, New York twice, Hawaii, Georgia, and Virginia. We have moved eight times; plenty of experience PCSing. I was a licensed Real Estate Agent in TX, and l love helping people find their perfect home.

Military life is a life of adventure, I love the day the last box is packed and the moving van drives away, finding the perfect home at the next duty station, and exploring our new city.

We love all of our past duty stations, but coming to DC was a surprise and a big transition for us. We are in awe of all this area area has to offer: my husband's easy commute, our kids' fabulous schools, and our close knit nei


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