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AdNumber: MBOB9125
Name: Lauren
Company: MILLIE Scouts
City: Leavenworth
State: KS
Zip: 66048
Phone: 571-389-8588


  • Fort Leavenworth, KS

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Description of Services: Hi! My name is Lauren and I’ve been a proud Air Force wife for 9 years. We have been stationed at several bases around the country, and were even afforded the opportunity to live overseas for a couple of years.

My husband and I love to travel, and find excitement in each new place we move. I am a teacher by trade, but I currently enjoy staying home with our beautiful children.

With every move comes a new house, one that you’d like to make home, even if you’re only there a year. Or maybe you’d like to keep a home you’ve purchased and rent it out after you move. I can help!

Signing lease papers on a house sight unseen, turning my home into a rental, I’ve done it all, and I know just how scary it can be. Please let me know how I can be of service!


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