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AdNumber: MBOB9011
Name: Jayme
Company: MILLIE Scouts
City: Columbus
State: GA
Zip: 31906
Phone: 571-389-8588


  • Fort Benning, GA

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Description of Services: Jayme is a Scout at MILLIE in the Fort Benning area of Georgia. A MILLIE Scout is an independent contractor who serves as a fact finder and enabler for military families to ease the moving process. Jayme has personal experience with the intricacies of a military move as both a service member with 3 moves while on active duty, one of which was overseas to Germany, and 1 move (so far) as a military spouse.

Jayme served as an Army Nurse for over 6 years before joining the MILLIE team. During her Active Duty career, Jayme had the privilege of caring for and supporting both military service members and their families in a variety of settings. Jayme not only worked in the hospital providing direct patient care, she also sponsored incoming servic


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