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General Information

AdNumber: MBOB7935
Company: Henry Company Homes
City: Pace
State: FL
Zip: 32571
Phone: 850-994-0984


  • Pensacola NAS, FL

Other Bases Served

  • Whiting Field NAS, FL
  • Eglin AFB, FL
  • Duke Field, FL

Why Choose Me

Description of Services: AFFORDABLE NEW HOMES THROUGHOUT NW FLORIDA! As a local builder in a military community, we want to make your transition simple by offering a variety of value-packed, move-in ready homes, many of which are available now for your convenience. To further add to your peace of mind, our homes and communities are located in the proximity to many of this areas military bases and office’s so daily commutes, and access to military services is close. Currently live out of State or Country? No problem! Whether you are in search of a Ready Move In Home or want to build a new home, our Builder On-Line Relocation Counselor, will email everything you need during your fact finding search.


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